Words of Wisdom

Throughout the Summer I have been on different calls with different facets of the company, as well as had a team that was not afraid to share their thoughts. Throughout the summer I jotted down words of advice that really resonated with me.

Words of Wisdom from around the office:

  • Happiness is most important and people can tell when you aren’t happy.
  • Don’t be a Diva. Sometimes you have to do work you don’t like to get where you want to be.
  • When you don’t see work as a challenge and only see it as work… It is time to move on.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if you want something, just be aware of when you have asked for too much.
  • Everything happens for a reason and all you can do is your best.
  • You are never going to know everything.
  • Be proud of what you do, you are your own biggest cheerleader.
A fellow intern and I with the Sears Tower in the background


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Chicago Cuisine

I am now entering my 9th week here at Accenture in Chicago. I have had many opportunities to explore the city of Chicago, as well as the different food offerings. Below are my top 7 places to visit on your next Chicago visit. Warning: Do not read this if you are hungry!
1. Chicago Style Hot Dog– Portillo’s made the Chicago dog famous. With the sesame seed bun, pickle, relish, onions, and other toppings it is an experience I only really needed to enjoy once. However, it is an absolute must.
2. Garrett’s Popcorn- The Chicago Mix, caramel and cheese popcorn mixed together. It literally melts in your mouth and is to die for.
3. O’Briens– They have a small branch restaurant open on the river. It was the best burger I have ever eaten as well as the best view. On a warm summer day looking at the Trump tower and Chicago skyline is a memory I won’t forget.
4. Taste of Chicago– In case you don’t have time to visit all these places, if you are in town for the Taste of Chicago it is a great place to have a taste of all of these items. This year it took place in the second week of July. Cheesecake, Fried Mac and Cheese bites, and Gelato were a few of my favorites.
5. Food Trucks– Outside the Aon Center where I work every day there are 3-4 trucks selling their cuisine. My favorite is the BBQ tacos truck.
6. Roti– I consider it to be a Mediterranean version of Chipotle. Their hummus and falafel are the best in town. I will for sure miss this place when I have to go back to OSU.
7. Deep Dish Chicago Pizza– There is three main places: Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, and Giordano’s. All three have different takes on this classic between different crust types and toppings. Lou Malnati’s is my personal favorite.

Me and Lou Malnati's Pizza. So good!

There are plenty of upscale dining in Chicago as well. Because I am a college student, I didn’t really partake in this too much. However, next time I am here, I will be fully employed so I will experience the fine dining.

Until next time,
Erin Frederick

Living the Chicago Life

Aakanksha and Sam, my friends from OSU, came to visit!

I have only three more weeks before I head back to Columbus! The summer is flying by and soon enough we will all be back for football Saturdays and late study sessions in Mason. One of the great things about an internship is not only the exposure to new work but the chance to live in a different city. I have been fortunate enough to live downtown right off Michigan Avenue across from Grant Park and have done my fair share of exploring.

Below is my Chicago bucket list:
1. Walk down by the Lake and along the river: It is beautiful and if I was a decent runner I would run by it every day. Chicago in the summer is the best. If you have time a boat tour is a must!
2. Visit Millennium and Grant Park: Home of the infamous “bean”, however the gardens and Buckingham fountain are what I care about.
3. Top of Sears (now Willis Tower): I haven’t completed this item yet. Everywhere in Chicago are tourists so the best days to go are on the weekdays. I plan on going after work one day.
4. Ride (aka Get lost) on the L: There are interesting characters everywhere so seeing the people you run into on the train can be entertaining. Plus getting around by L is so easy and convenient.
5. Window Shop on Michigan Avenue: While Accenture interns are paid well some parts of Michigan Avenue are well out of my price range. But looking never hurt anyone!
6. Eat the local cuisine: Hot Dogs, Pizza, Popcorn… I have another blog coming on this topic.
7. Walk everywhere: There are so many shops, buildings and streets that the only way you can take it all in is by exploring.
Chicago is a great place to live for 10 weeks in the summer. However I am very excited to be going back home to OSU to see my friends and live in a room bigger than a closet!
Until next time,
Erin Frederick

Accenture SLC at the Q

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet over 200 Accenture interns from across the country, Canada and Puerto Rico. For the past 22 years Accenture has hosted the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) for rising senior interns. This three day conference is full of team building activities, speakers, and fun activities such as talent shows, scavenger hunts, cosmic bowling and sand volleyball.

The Q-Center located in St. Charles, IL

The three daylong conference took place in St. Charles, IL at the Q center. Since I am out of the Chicago office it was just over an hour drive, everyone else flew. The Q center is an old women’s college that is now used as a training facility. When you are hired on as a full time consultant at Accenture you spend 4 weeks training at the Q center. It had a great dining facility, super nice rooms, and a great campus complete with golf course Greene. While the facility was amazing, I was not there for vacation.

The trip consisted of listening to senior executives career paths and their views on leadership, technology (such as SAP, Oracle, Cloud), and break-out sessions where we learned how to better work as a team and be an effective leader. My favorite part of the whole weekend was all the team building activities which ranged from trust exercises to scavenger hunts. My team consisted of 16 people from all over the place. One specific activity required some people that could not talk, some who could not see and the rest tied together. We then had to complete a series of activities and puzzles while working together. After spending 45 minutes trying to help someone who could not see throw a ball into a bucket and lead them over stepping stones in a lake, new appreciation and friendships were built along with quite a few laughs. However the hardest part was working with 15 other motivated, type A, leaders. It sometime becomes difficult to let other be in control and take the lead, especially for me.
All in all it was a great weekend that taught me a lot about my leadership style and personal brand. Not only did I get to hear different intern experiences and client projects, I gained better insight into what a potential career would be like with the firm. Opportunities like the SLC are present in most big companies, don’t be shy and timid but really branch out and try and meet as many people as possible.

Here is the 2011 SLC video.  The 2012 isn’t up yet but I was featured in it.  So be sure to keep an eye out for it!



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Accenture 101

I am pretty sure this is cheating, but this a partial repeat blog post from my internship last summer. However it is the new and improved version! Since I am working for Accenture again this summer a lot of the material isn’t completely new and foreign especially when it comes to the structure of the company.

Accenture is the largest consulting firm in the world with more than 225,000 employees in 120 countries. With that many employees, the resources and opportunities are enormous! If you are interested in more key facts and information about Accenture visit: http://www.accenture.com/us-en/company/overview/Pages/index.aspx

Traditionally when you are hired into Accenture, you are hired for a specific platform with a “specialization” in an operation. This matrix structure is often referred to as the “Major/Minor System”:
Accenture has three platforms (Majors):
• Management Consulting– focused on business solutions, processes, and change management
• Technology-brings together the full range of systems integration, technology consulting, and IT outsourcing skills (technology resource/development)
• Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)- focuses on BPO services to enable high performance (Procurement, HR, Accenture’s five operating groups (Minors) cover 19 industries.

Accenture Career Matrix

Five Minors/Specializations:
• Communications & High Tech: Communications, Electronics, Media and Entertainment
• Financial Services: Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance
• Products: Automotive, Air, Freight & Travel Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure & Transportation Services, Life Sciences, Retail
• Resources: Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources, Utilities
• Health & Public Service: Health, Public Service
Last summer I was a part of the Business Process Outsourcing and work internally. I sent surveys to supplier and buyers as well as worked with new hires in training.

This summer I have a completely different experience. I am in the Systems Integration Consulting which is part of the Technology major. My minor is with Financial Services as my client is an insurance and risk management firm. My eventual goal is to work in management consulting in either the financial services sector or in products.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or would like more detail!

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