L Brands Cares

Though there are 100 interns at L Brands in Columbus, I am one of the only interns in my building, so I really enjoy events where I can meet the other interns and hear about how their internships are going. From the Clippers game we attended at the beginning of the year to the Senior Speaker Series, I am always meeting interns in different parts of the business.

One of these large intern events was an afternoon of volunteering at Camp Mary Orton here in Columbus. The camp offers summer and after-school camps for underprivileged kids and serves as a beautiful camp for retreat groups. We were tasked with doing general ground clean-up of the camp. While trimming trees and mulching trails, I was able to give back and meet other L Brands interns in different functions that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Even though the weather wasn’t great, it was a chance to get out of the office on a Friday afternoon and have fun while giving back.

I was surprised by how common volunteering is at L Brands. There are so many opportunities to give back, even during work hours. Each week I am approached for a new volunteer activity that L Brands has organized. They can be events going on at the company or community organizations that employees partner with. For example, right now Pelotonia is everywhere-it seems like everyone is riding, donating, or volunteering for the cause. Much more to come on how my volunteer experience goes at Pelotonia in a couple of weeks!



Who Is L Brands?

L Brands is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Columbus, OH. We also have a campus in New York City, and you can find their stores around the world. Most people, especially those outside of Columbus, have never heard of L Brands, but they are sure to know, if not shop at, at least one of our stores.


L Brands is now home to five distinct brands. We used to own other brands like Express and The Limited, but now we focus on these core five.

Victoria’s Secret is known for bras and panties. Most of you reading this have probably heard of the store or maybe you’ve seen the annual VS Fashion Show. PINK, the brand aimed at college girls, began in Victoria’s Secret stores but now has stand-alone stores. PINK specializes in lounge wear, sleepwear, and tanks and tees.

Bath and Body Works sell soaps, antibacterial gels, and home fragrances to name a few. This brand began as a table in an Express store, but now they are all stand alone.

La Senza is one that most Americans don’t know about. It is L Brands’ lingerie, panty, and bra brand in Canada. Right now, there are no stores in the U.S., but there are a few in other countries.

Henri Bendl is a designer handbag brand based in New York City. (I just bought my first Bendl bag, and I’m in love. Clearly Taylor Swift agrees with me.)

t swift

Hello Again 5AM.

I am working in a Distribution Center at L Brands that runs on 2 shifts, which we call AM and PM. My shift begins at 6AM Monday-Friday, which means I leave my apartment at 5:30, 4 entire hours before my earliest class in the fall.

The first week was definitely the hardest one. My body wasn’t used to waking up before the sun was even starting to come up. I have since adjusted to my new schedule, but it has definitely required some changes to my routine.

  • I turn the light on as soon as my alarm goes off. If I lie back down in the dark, I’ll go back to sleep and that’s just bad news.
  • I make toast with peanut butter and a banana every morning. A lot of people skip breakfast in lieu of sleeping in longer, but eating makes the rest of the morning much more manageable. It also gives me something to look forward to.
  • Coffee is a must. That’s all.
  • Going to bed early is necessary. I am usually asleep by 10pm, and some times it’s still light out. This has been the hardest part, especially when the Cavs games don’t start until 9pm!

This definitely isn’t the favorite part of my job, but I figure if I can get up that early and still enjoy my job every day, then I’m at the right company.

Early morning fun fact: The lights on Summit Street aren’t even turned on at 5AM. They all blink yellow, which makes the commute even quicker than normal (There isn’t much traffic at that time either).

The First Week

I am so excited to say I have completed my first week as an L Brands DC Operations Intern!


After one day of Orientation with the other interns in Columbus, I began work in the building where I will be spending the rest of the summer. I met my supervisor and my manager, got a tour of the building, and attempted to learn just a small bit about what I will spend the next 12 weeks doing.

Here are some tips I picked up to make the most of a first week at a new internship.

  • Dress the part. Overdress the part. You can always dress down later once you have seen what everyone else wears every day.
  • Get there early. I did this on my first day, got lost, and then managed to make it there semi-on time. Take it from me, and leave earlier than you think you need to. Once you get your routine down, you can start to leave a little later.
  • Take notes. Write down everything. You are going to be inundated with information during the first few weeks. You probably won’t even know what you’re writing down sometimes; just do it.
  • Ask “Why.” This applies to your entire internship. It will help you realize why the company does what it does and helps you think of ways to contribute it during your internship.