Wrapping Things Up

I cannot believe it is already time for my final blog post here! What a fun and exciting summer it has been.

Although it is time to wrap up this blogging project for my internship with EDEP, my internship is actually far from over. Let me recap our past couple of weddings, and then I’ll give a summary of what’s still to come, and a few things I have learned so far as an event planning intern!

The first weekend in August I actually attended a wedding as a guest, instead of an intern! It was so much fun, and very interesting to see how my intern experience has changed the way I look at events. My first instinct was to look around and analyze the small little details that, while working, we have to pay such close attention to. I had to remind myself that this time, that wasn’t my responsibility!

August 9th we had a lovely wedding reception at Dock 580 in Downtown Columbus. This is a very unique venue because it is actually two levels, so began downstairs for cocktail hour, moved upstairs for dinner, then back downstairs for dancing and late-night festivities.

This particular wedding was a little different as well because Emilie (the first E of EDEP) could not be there. One of her previous interns, who now works for OSU in the business of event planning, took the reins and was in charge of the day-of coordination that needed to happen. She was absolutely wonderful and everything went off without a hitch.

Bride and groom sharing their first dance. How dreamy is her dress?! This was on the lower level of Dock 580. This photo is also on the @edepweddings instagram account. As interns, we are also responsible for keeping this social media outlet updated during our events.

Here’s one of the table settings of our Dock 580 wedding. Very unique linens, they looked even better in person! We loved their navy & ivory theme. So classic!

Although every wedding we have is so very special to us, this past weekend was a little extra near and dear to our hearts. August 16th was the wedding of one of Emilie’s interns from 2013, and the ceremony and reception took place at Camp Mary Orton in Northern Columbus.

The ceremony was outdoors, and thankfully the rain held off for exactly enough time to get through the ceremony. Cocktail hour was meant to be all outdoors, but ended up being kind of split half outside half inside, but it worked out just fine!

Our beautiful bride taking some photos while guests arrive. Her veil has been worn by three generations in her family.

Such an adorable flower girl & ring bearer duo! They did a great job walking down the aisle!

Moving forward, I’m going to remain pretty busy with my EDEP internship! We have four more weddings and one potential corporate event before the end of the year. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of this year, I cannot believe we are already over half way done!

Looking back, here’s a summary of a few important things I have learned as an event planning intern so far. I’m sure this list is far from complete, but just to highlight a few….

  • If you are unsure about something, ask for clarification. There is nothing wrong with asking for more detail, or further explanation. It is much better to take the time to ask than to do something totally wrong & have to start all over!
  • It’s not about what you would do. Especially with weddings, it’s very easy to look at something and say “Wow, I would never do that at my wedding/event.” But here’s the thing- it doesn’t matter! Our job it to make what the bride & groom want happen in the best way possible, and put our personal preferences aside.
  • Communication is key. So many different people go into making a wedding happen. The bride and groom and their families and friends, the planner, the caterer, the venue coordinator, the photographer, DJ, minister… you get the idea! Things go so much easier when everyone is on the same page.
  • Be prepared. Going into an event already knowing who is who and the timeline and floor plan and other details makes the event day much easier. Taking the time to go over documents the day before saves a lot of stress on the day-of.
  • No detail is too small. I’m already a very detail-oriented person, but I’ve relearned this time and again during my internship. It’s the many, many little things that add up to make a beautiful and memorable wedding day happen.

I thank you so much for following along with my intern journey so far. I wish I could share all the details to come, but I must wrap things up here! I hope everyone’s summer was as incredible as mine has been.

All the best!





Wedding Madness is Here!

Today, I’m going to talk about the height of wedding season with EDEP!

June was such an action packed month for me. I got to spend about ten days exploring Alaska with friends and family. It was an incredible trip, and Alaska is definitely on my list of places I want to visit again. We hiked mountains, got amazing views of Denali, saw glaciers, bears, caribou, bald eagle, and I even caught my first fish!

Only 30% of people that visit Denali actually get to see Mount McKinley/Mount Denali, so we got pretty lucky! It’s so high that the view is usually obstructed by clouds.

Before we left, I had some intern duties to take care of for an EDEP wedding that would be taking place while I was out of town. This wedding was actually with Emilie’s first same-sex couple, and from the sounds of it they are incredible people and they had an absolutely wonderful wedding day! I’m a little bummed I missed it, but I still got to contribute some work for their big day, so that was great!

For this wedding, the couple wanted to use photos of places that are significant to them as the table numbers at the reception. Such a great idea, and a nice way to add some little personal touches to the setup. So I was in charge of finding pictures of the locations they wished to use, and also formatting the pictures with titles so that they could be used on each table. It required a lot of online searching and plenty of time in Photoshop, but the couple was so happy with how they turned out, so that definitely means a job well done!

Also, the couple wanted to have welcome bags for the guests arriving from out of town with some local activities and also a map including the hotels, ceremony site, and reception site. So I was also in charge of creating these documents for the wedding day. This assignment was a little more of a challenge for me, but after a few trials and errors, we came up with a great end product that was just what the couple was looking for!

July 19th was our first July wedding, and it was an absolute blast! The ceremony took place at First Congregational Church downtown, and the reception was right across the street at the Columbus Museum of Art. Boy was that SO convenient. If only every wedding could run like that!

The bride and groom being introduced as a married couple! They were such a sweet couple and working with them was an absolute pleasure. So happy for them!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSome delicious looking desserts after a wonderful dinner!

EDEP will be very busy over the next month and a half! Can’t wait to share all the details!

Thanks for reading!

~ Kelsey


A and A Wedding

Hi again friends!

I’ve got one more wedding to get you all caught up on, then we will be (almost) up to date with my internship happenings! This was the late-April wedding of the gorgeous couple Andrea & Andrew.

Our work began with the rehearsal at the venue on Friday evening.The ceremony and reception both took place at the High Line Car House in Downtown Columbus. A very unique space! The super high ceilings and exposed brick walls made a perfect backdrop for the rustic yet chic look this couple was going for.

Looks pretty darn dreamy, right? It was even more beautiful in person.

Attending the rehearsal not only allows us to go over any last-minute details for the big day, but it also gives us interns a chance to meet the bride and groom and their families, so they can recognize us on wedding day as someone to go to if they need anything.

Not only does the pre-wedding day rendezvous allow us to get familiar with the families, but it also allows different vendors to meet one another (that is if they don’t know each other already, seems like in the wedding business everyone knows everyone). Things tend to flow a lot better if the photographer, minister, venue coordinator, DJ, florist, caterer, etc. are all on the same page! This gives them all the chance to talk anything over that may need to be discussed before the big day arrives.

The day of this wedding we had a pretty long to-do list, most dealing with adding the little details to the venue that many brides value so much. One of out projects was assembling the initial boards that held the guest name cards.

Looked pretty snazzy if you ask me! The frame on the table was their version of a guest book that they had guests sign. Adorable!

We also had to make sure each place setting at the tables were correct and laid out as the bride wanted. Seems simple, but this requires some intense attention to detail! It’s very important that each setting is extremely uniform, especially for photographs. If one little thing is off, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Their stunning flowers made everything tie in so nicely. The tables looked absolutely amazing when they were all set up. They also incorporated a ton of candles on each table and around the venue which gave us some very ambient and intimate vibes to work with. We all loved it!

Our tear down process was pretty simple for this wedding. We got to see the bride and groom off and they both seemed SO happy and loved their day. Seeing a happy, newly married couple definitely means all the hard work paid off!

Next time I’ll give a quick run down of the trip I was just on, and some of the planning work I did for our June 14th wedding.

Thanks so much for reading!


Getting up to Speed

Hi again friends!

So in my last post, I promised I would give a summary of my intern activities with EDEP thus far, since I started my position in January, so that’s where this post is headed!

Our first event was on April 5th, and was the wedding of the absolutely adorable couple of Kristin & Mark. Our intern responsibilities began at the hotel (the Westin in Downtown Columbus)  where the bridal party was getting dressed and ready for the day.  We made sure the reception area was ready for the night, which included folding linens and organizing place cards for the guests.

Once all the little things were in order, we made sure the bridal party (and the bride and groom especially!) were where they needed to be, and on time. We then headed over to the church and coordinated the events of the ceremony, and then it was back to the hotel for the reception.

Part of our job was taking the flowers from the church pews and making them into decor for the backs of the chairs of the bridal party. Easier said than done, but we made it work and it looked beautiful in the grand ballroom.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

With the way this wedding was organized, we had a lot of down time during the reception when our job, other than getting things organized after all the guests had left, was for the most part done. Everything went so smoothly and it was a beautiful day for the new Mr. and Mrs. All the guests had a wonderful time, and most importantly the bride and groom were happy!

Our next event was a big charity event/ fundraiser on April 17th called Cakes for a Cause. People can purchase tickets to the event, where there is various different silent auctions, a live auction, and a raffle. Emilie (the first E in EDEP) actually co-founded the event five years ago. She really does it all!

Oh and everything auctioned or raffled off is a dessert, if you couldn’t tell by the title of the event. YUM! The event is hosted at and raises money for the Mid-Ohio food bank, and this was the 5th year for the event. It was a really neat event to be a part of.

Intern responsibilities here, other than set up and tear down, included directing bakers and caterers to their designated  display location, selling raffle tickets, informing guests of the logistics of the event, and generally just making sure everything ran smoothly. Oh, and we got to sample the delicious food and desserts as well. Not a bad gig!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

These are just a few of my favorite looking desserts from the night. And these are all totally donated too! It really speaks to the amazing community of selfless people we have here in Columbus. This years event was a HUGE success, and the biggest year yet. Enough money was raised to feed almost 40 people three meals a day for an entire year. Talk about a sweet success!

I’ll end with those two events for now, and save our most recent wedding for a post in the near future. Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a great summer!






A New Direction

Hi Everyone!

My first ever blog post, whoa! This is exciting. I’ll start off with a few little tidbits about myself, and how I ended up in Fisher, because it’s not exactly the path most traveled by Ohio State Students.

I’m from the Toledo, OH area. Go Mudhens! Technically I’m from the suburb of Sylvania, but it’s pretty small and unknown to people outside Northwest Ohio, so I usually just go with Toledo to spare everyone the confusion.

I just finished up my third year at Ohio State, and was actually just accepted into Fisher during Spring Semester 2014. For those of you who don’t know, OSU students generally apply/are accepted to Fisher during their first year, so I’m a little bit behind (sorry mom and dad). I spent my first two years here thinking I wanted to be a nurse, and made the 180 degree switch to the business track last summer.

I may have caused my parents some stress when I said I wanted to change my major. They still love me, though (I think…).

Why did I switch? I’ll address this question, because whenever I tell anyone I switched out of nursing after my second year (the most academically rigorous of the four-year program), I get some people looking at me like I’m an complete basket case. And at first I thought I was crazy too. Thinking back to the countless hours spent studying for classes like Organic Chemistry and Microbiology and Pharmacology, and how proud I was when I was successful in these courses and all my hard work paid off, it sure felt like I was throwing all of that hard work away. Not to mention two years of tuition, books, and clinical experience.

So the short answer is that I wasn’t happy. I was trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t meant for me. I was settling for a degree that I believed would bring job security and flexibility upon graduation. But it wasn’t what I wanted to do, and it really never had been. So after many, many weeks of debating and seeking advice and creating a new plan, I decided to take the aspects of Nursing that I did love, like working with people and as a part of an interdisciplinary team, and find a new major, and that is how I ended up in Fisher as a Human Resources major!

Okay so by this point you’re probably asking yourself, “Isn’t this the my Fisher Internship blog?” And yes, it is, so this brings me to my current internship! I am one of three interns working for Emilie Duncan Event Planning (EDEP for short). Emilie is an absolutely amazing Wedding & Event Planner who works all around Central Ohio.

13c00b90-0339-4378-b3ff-2208ed5d4685I came across a posting for the position on the Buckeye Careers Network, and decided to apply on a whim. I didn’t know a whole lot about wedding planning, but as a new Business major I wanted to explore tons of different options. A few weeks later, I received an email from Emilie and we set up an interview. I was definitely nervous, because I don’t have a ton of interview experience (they don’t teach you that in nursing school), but Emilie totally put me at ease and the interview went so smoothly. It felt like just getting to know one another and what my motivation was for applying for the position, and was not a stressful atmosphere whatsoever. A few days later, I was offered the position and I, extremely excitedly, accepted!

Okay, so this has gotten a little more lengthy than I anticipated, but I just wanted to say a quick hello and let everyone know just how I ended up where I am! Many bloggers are participating in summer internships, but my work with Emilie actually began in January and will continue through all of 2014, so I have a couple events and projects to bring you up to speed on, but I will save those for a future post.

Thanks so much for reading. Til next time!