My Final Week at Chick-fil-A

Hi Buckeyes!

I am sad to say my summer with Chick-fil-A has come to a close. But, of course, if you know me, you know that I didn’t leave Chick-fil-A or the Atlanta area without a bang.

During my last week at Chick-fil-A, I implemented the processes and KPI tracking system I created, presented my final project to the entire Brand Strategy, Advertising, and Media team, and had as much fun as possible!

Here are the highlights of my last week in Atlanta:


On Monday, I presented to the Brand Strategy, Advertising and Media team. I shared about myself, my key learnings, summer fun,  and the two big projects that I worked on, Cow Appreciation Day and the In-House Creative Agency KPI tracking system.

Final Presentation in The Pulse Room

Later that day, the interns drove south of Atlanta to Dan Cathy’s (the Chairman & CEO of Chick-fil-A) house for food and fun. Upon arrival, Dan gave us a tour of the property. The home featured a variety of vegetation, a garden, running trails, bee houses (a personal favorite of mine), and ample space just for hosting guests. After our brief tour, we made our way toward the garage. We all gathered around tables, shared, in conversation, and enjoyed Fox Brothers barbecue for dinner.

Of course, if you’ve ever met Dan Cathy, you know that it wouldn’t be a proper hang out if fun wasn’t involved. After dinner, Dan invited us to explore his home more. This included ATV riding through the mud trails behind his house!

Here is a group of us interns and Dan Cathy (in the driver’s seat) after riding the ATV’s around his property

Dinner at Dan’s was easily one of the most fun opportunities that I had through this internship.


Tuesday morning I hopped on a plane with Khalilah Cooper, the Director of Service & Hospitality, to Houston, Texas for the day.

One of the great things about Chick-fil-A is that they give you the ability to use your talents and passions in multiple areas within the company. Outside of my projects, I was given the opportunity to voice my experiences in the cultural intelligence space. As Chick-fil-A is growing internationally and into diverse markets, Chick-fil-A operators have seen a need for cultural intelligence training. So, with the help of the International, Service & Hospitality, and Talent Acquisition teams, a cross-functional team was formed to create the capability of cultural intelligence.

In Houston, Chick-fil-A was conducting an operator panel to showcase some of the cultural intelligence training and gain feedback from the operators. It was very interesting listening to the things that operators were dealing with within the restaurant and the growth opportunities for Chick-fil-A.

This was a quick trip and we flew back to Atlanta that afternoon, but it was awesome to be a part of a project that will later effect all of the restaurants and the Support Center.

I couldn’t have been more thankful for people like Khalilah Cooper who saw my passion and found a way for me to use it this summer.


Wednesday afternoon the interns had a celebration on the rooftop of Ponce City Market. (If any of you have been to North Market, I would describe Ponce City Market to be like North Market but on steroids.)

Ponce City Market

OKAY SO,  HERE COMES THE FUN PART OF WEDNESDAY! That night, I bought VIP tickets for a group of us to see WHATUPRG. This show was his first headliner show and what better way to do so than to have it in his hometown. WHATUPRG (Raul Garcia) is a hip-hop artist from the Northwest side of Atlanta. His story is particularly unique to the music industry because he is a Mexican-American artist who has felt the traumatic effects of deportation in his family. When he was younger, his dad got deported to Mexico. RG is rather vocal about this immigration issue and tells the story of hope through his music.

The VIP experience was amazing. Not only were we able to meet RG, but, his family served us tacos, his mother was passing out t-shirts, and we were able to mingle with some of the other opening artists in the room. What a great way to experience the hip-hop scene in Atlanta!

For those looking to read more about WHATUPRG, here is a link to an interview in Culdasac magazine.

WHATUPRG posing in the middle. I’m on the far right. (The rest of the group may not have known his music that well but they had a ton of fun and left the concert in awe.)
RG performing “4 AM” from his album RAUL


Aklesso (one of the openers) and I


Packing day. Bleh.



Our last day 🙁

The interns had a final celebration where we reflected on our internship experiences, took our final group photos, and enjoyed each other’s company before we left to go back home.

One sweet moment at the final celebration was being voted by the intern class to be “The Mostly Likely to Save the Day.” Thanks to the 2019 Chick-fil-A Intern Class for that one, you guys are too sweet.

The White Knight Award.

Picture above: April Lemons, Diversity Recruiter at Chick-fil-A. She recruited both Kiana (pictured on right) and I from Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s Career Prep Program. Can’t thank her enough for her guidance through this summer.

2019 Intern Family (minus a few)

Well, that’s a wrap on the summer. Stay tuned for more information regarding next summer’s internship opportunities. (Some of the positions are already posted on Handshake, go check them out!)

All the best,


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  1. You always leave a mark every where you go. This summer internship was no different. Keep learning and leading.

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