Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Hotels

Thanks for returning to my blog! Over the course of my internship, I have not only redeveloped the resources that our sales managers use to represent our properties but also had the chance to visit some of these beautiful and unique hotels. These hotels varied from luxury brands to full-service resorts.

The W Hotel-Hollywood

Many shows have been filmed at this hotel. This Is Us filmed in this very room.

I made the trek from Orange County to Los Angeles to visit the W located in Hollywood. Before getting into details of the visit, it is good to have a basic understanding of this brand. When W first started in NYC, there was no intention of it expanding the way it did but after wild, unexpected success, the brand now has hotels all over the world. The W brand is considered one of Marriott’s luxury brands, however, it is a different luxury than you would expect from the Ritz or St. Regis. Unlike the Ritz’s “ladies and gentlemen” suit and tie luxury, the W is more of an edgy luxury. To paint a picture, think of a young, executive, businessman who is business by day but after a long day of work, rolls up his sleeves revealing a sleeve of tattoos, orders a drink, is out the rest of the night, then gets up at 8 the next morning ready for work. To cater to this profile, W seeks to make its hotel modern with a good night-life scene. Another central element to the W is attention to detail, especially being local to the area in terms of décor and things to do. This makes each W one-of-a-kind from each other.

The chandelier in the lobby evokes an Oscar dress and the couch under it turns into a DJ booth at night where local DJs come to perform. Prince performed here, as did Justin Bieber and many other celebrities.

Since we visited the Hollywood location, this W was very glam. Red carpets, diamond-studded everything (even the room peepholes had diamonds around them), pictures of celebrities, and many chandeliers. The Destination Sales Executive giving the tour even mentioned that this was one of the few W’s that had a recording studio in it-truly a great fit for the VIP profile of most guests here. On the flip side, the biggest challenge for the Hollywood location is the VIP guests that have high demands and often come in on very short notice. To cater to these needs,

Recording studio in the hotel where artists such as Migos have recorded!

the hotel has an entire team dedicated to these “pop-up” guests and executing events on short notice. She also mentioned when your favorite celebrities come to visit, you have to remain professional at all times. Another thing unique to W are the terms used for the different departments. This is to keep up with the fun atmosphere, veering away from a traditional

Prior to being a meeting room, this area used to be a night club. This is very on-brand with the W nightlife culture.
To the left is a record case which serves as the room service menu to go with the music/Hollywood theme of this W. Above is the rug in the elevator that gets changed out every few hours. The W places a high emphasis on attention to detail

“boring” hotel. These terms include Beverage and Food (instead of food and beverage in order to emphasize the hotel’s cocktail culture), “Style” refers to housekeeping, wet deck refers to the pool, and W insider refers to the concierge. Just these little tweaks really add to W’s fun and vibrant environment. Overall, it was really neat getting to experience the place where celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Prince, Mary J Blige, and CeeLo Green have stayed. 



Fairfield Anaheim Resort- Disneyland

Us three interns at the Disneyland Fairfield Inn. We were even able to visit the park after our site visit!

On the flip side of the W, we were able to visit the Fairfield across the street from Disneyland. The Fairfield is considered a select brand, meaning it has just what a guest needs with no extra frills, since these hotels are usually allocated for a shorter stay. However, this Fairfield is unique from the rest due to its structure and capacity. Of the 1,000 Fairfields, this is the largest one with a 500-room capacity. It is also the only one to have a restaurant on site due to the fact that it is the only Fairfield that does not offer complimentary breakfast and parking. This poses a challenge for the hotel since many people expect these amenities. Since the hotel is located across from Disney, it has to compete with dozens of similar hotels nearby, so it just would not be profitable for the property to provide these complimentary aspects.
Another thing that makes this hotel unique is that it is one of the few hotels owned by the Marriott family and is part of their trust, thus there is a lot of pressure for this property to perform well.

On this site visit, we are able to get a taste of the different departments that help the hotel to run smoothly each day: housekeeping, loss prevention, and front desk. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before your hotel room is ready to go, with a TON of attention to detail. A housekeeper will first clean the room (which typically takes 30 minutes per room and housekeepers usually clean 15 rooms a day!).

As much as guests value good service, housekeepers value appreciation. Even a kind note from a guest holds a special place to the housekeepers.
One of HR’s proudest accomplishments is the wellness room designated to help employees relax during a hectic day (there’s even a hammock!).

If it is a room for a new guest, after it is cleaned a housekeeping inspector will come to double-check that there are no stray hairs, things left behind, etc. that the housekeeper might have missed. Once the room passes the inspection, the status of vacant ready is assigned to the room by the Rooms Controller who will keep an inventory of the all the room statuses for the entire property. This information is relayed to the front desk rooms controller who will actually assign the room to the guest according to the guest’s requests. The front desk agent is the one in charge of actually checking guests in and making this experience personalized. Lastly, loss prevention aka security serves to keep the property safe.  They will patrol the property and make sure there is no suspicious activity such as drug use or human trafficking. This is especially crucial at this location since Disneyland is the 5th highest terrorist destination in the world. They are also in charge of the lost and found and filing reports for these items. Overall the importance of their job cannot be overstated, however, it is challenging since they often have to deliver bad news but strive to be hospitable about it.

Marriott Newport Beach Resort and Spa

Tunnels like this connect different areas of the hotels. This is very similar to the tunnels under Fisher.

At this property, we were able to get more of a look at the business operations side of the hotel. We got to spend a lot of time with event planners and the Destination Sales Executive. These two departments function hand in hand because “sales makes the dreams while events create the nightmare.” Specifically, the position of DSE is in charge of selling their property by giving site tours and building that relationship face to face (versus the sales office that is more over the phone and for a wider area). The DSE also emphasized how important it is to have passion for what you are selling (in her case the beautiful resort) otherwise it’s just another person trying to sell you something.

This is the best room in hotel and is for the Marriott family when they stay here.

Another interesting point about this property is that it was actually the first property built AND owned by the Marriott family. The Marriotts also visit here often since they enjoy collecting cars and there are many luxury car dealerships nearby. Due to this, the hotel has designated the “Marriott Suite” for the family to stay in when they visit.

In short, everyone down to housekeeping loves and is very passionate about their job. This is on-brand with the Marriott culture. I hope you have enjoyed learning about everything behind the scenes that goes into making your hotel stay a good experience.

-Diana G.

The area where cleaning carts are kept when not in use. Storage like this is located on every floor.
Here is the “Housekeeping Headquarters” for the Newport Beach property. Each morning the housekeeping team will have a dance party to pump up for the day. This is led by the Director of Housekeeping who was 1 of 10 recipients in the entire company worldwide to win the Marriott Spirit award.
Storage for large kitchen items used for catering at banquets.

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