Day in the Life

Day in the Life

6:30 AM-  wake up, shower, watch the news

7:30 AM- walk to the light rail station, take the train two stops, then walk to work… typically listen to a podcast and or read the news on the way… occasionally catch up on urgent emails

8:00 AM- free breakfast in the cafeteria at eBay campus… either eat with coworkers or keep catching up on the news

8:30AM- get to my desk and start work for the day… always try to quickly catch up on emails/meetings with coworkers who are based overseas and are finishing their workday as I start mine with the time change

1:00 PM- lunchtime either at subsidized eBay cafeteria or go somewhere local off-campus…  love the late lunches to make the afternoon fly

1:30 PM- back to work/occasionally a second coffee for the day… creating/updating excel files, going to meetings, preparing decks… all usually more local based with most of the overseas offices in non-work hours in our afternoon

5:30 PM- leave work… either try to organize post-work activities with other interns or just go back to my apartment

6:00 PM- if no plans with coworkers…workout, shower, eat dinner, watch tv, continue any pressing work

10:30 PM- bed

I’ve definitely had days where I’m working way later and sometimes getting to leave way earlier, but I figured the most helpful example would be the type of day I experience the most often.  I’m happy to give more specifics if anybody has any questions, so feel free to reach out!

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