More Trust = More Responsibility

I’m finishing up my 10th week as an intern here now and the workload has definitely picked up.  My boss has been out of the office this past week and will be out next week too. Although one might originally think this means I’d indirectly be getting a mini-vacation, I’d argue it’s the opposite, because although he’s not there doesn’t mean his normal tasks don’t need to be completed.  I think the coolest task I got to be apart of this week was leading the weekly consolidation process with the different markets. Each week the different internal regions (America, Europe, APAC, etc.) communicate what’s going on on their side of the business and what types of risks and opportunities they are experiencing in their markets.  I got the privilege of getting to work with all these different types of groups across the world to hear about their weekly story and where they’re seeing it flow into the business. From communicating through the call to getting it all entered in Excel to put real numbers behind it, the exposure that I’m getting still surprises me. I feel very fortunate to first be trusted enough to even somewhat contribute, and secondly to even have the chance to experience these very high-level meetings with leaders of the business.  All in all, I really couldn’t ask for any better exposure than what eBay has provided me so far and am excited to hopefully gain the trust of more people down the road and be able to take on even more responsibilities.

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