Intern Conference

One of the most valuable experiences I’ve gone through so far was the Intern Conference that eBay holds.  If you’ve ever heard of Hack Weeks, it was essentially a condensed version of that for only interns.  To start the conference, the CEO’s of eBay and StubHub (eBay owns StubHub) hosted “Ask Me Anything” sessions, where the interns had free range to ask them any sorts of questions we wanted.  This I thought was super cool because of the fact there aren’t many opportunities, especially as an intern, where you get to be in the same room as two CEOs of very well-known companies and be one of about 50 people in the room. 

From here, we had some more really interesting speakers come in and talk about their history, their jobs, and some of the cool projects they get to work on.  After this, we started what the conference was really about. All of the interns were split up into different teams and had complete open doors to try to come up with a solution to any problem they see with either of the two businesses.  A really awesome part about this was that they made sure there was a diverse mix of backgrounds on the teams.  So, for somebody like myself who really only works around finance people, working with three different types of engineers as well as two finance interns was really cool.  At the end of these two days of putting together our ideas, working demos, and presentations, we got the awesome opportunity to present on stage in front of a panel of eight judges.

At the end of all of this, eBay rented out a really cool bar for all of us where they had VR stations, custom t-shirt printing area, and they announced the winners of the conference.  My team ended up finishing in second place which I was really excited about and it was a great feeling getting all the work we put into it be recognized by important people. If you want to learn more about the conference, here’s a video that was put together of one of the previous summers:

*I will try to update and share once the one from this summer is produced

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