Transitioning from Work to School

The summer is over. I was not ready for the storm of upper level accounting classes, but when I was preparing for my Financial 2 course, I realized how much I had learned both last year and in my internship. This transition is showing me that stepping away from something and then coming back to it, has given me a better grasp on what I know. In addition, seeing some practical application of basic accounting principles has helped me connect the dots and have a broader perspective on how accounting is and can be used, but the main things I have taken away from this experience have less to do with what I am learning and more to do with how I will continue to learn moving forward.

Here are the main things I took away from my internship:

  1. Constantly look for ways to innovate and improve the work you do.
  2. Keep asking questions and learning from the people ahead of you. They have so much wisdom to impart!
  3. Communication and collaboration are the keys to a successful project. People are the greatest asset.

Taking a break from college and getting a taste of working a full-time job has given me a fresh perspective. Overall I am sad to have left my internship, but I am excited to continue to grow in the little I currently know about accounting.

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