The beginning of the end & lessons learned along the way

It’s so hard to believe my internship has finally come to an end! These last few weeks were nothing short of overwhelming yet they were also probably the best weeks of my summer. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, the last four weeks of my internship were spent studying and preparing to take the SAFE exam, which, if you pass, means that you are a licensed mortgage loan originator at the federal level.

We spent most of our time in class reviewing different concepts and studying together in small groups. The difficult part about preparing to take the exam is that there is so much to know about mortgages, but you never know what to study specifically because the test is completely random. There is a bank of about 4,000 questions and your test randomly generates 125 questions from that bank, which means that everybody’s test is different. It’s hard to focus on specific material when your exam could ask you about literally anything! The exam itself is three hours long, and we were allowed to leave the room to take short breaks when needed, which was nice. We took the exam on the very last day of our internship. In the weeks leading up to the exam, I ended up working more than twelve hours a day studying. The week I took SAFE I worked like 60 hours! It was like finals week in college but much harder. I really wanted to pass the exam, though, so I was definitely willing to put the work in.

Throughout my internship, I had met so many amazing people and my last four weeks in the SAFE class were no different. Because all of the interns were in class together for four weeks, we got to know each other really well and bonded with each other. It’s amazing what happens when you spend twelve hours a day together! It definitely made leaving my internship hard, because we all go to different colleges in different states. We still use our group chat to communicate with each other though, so it’s not necessarily a goodbye, but a see you later. 🙂

I woke up the morning of my last day wondering how the summer had gone by so quickly! I also couldn’t believe that my exam day had finally come. All those hours spent studying were (hopefully) going to pay off! I was so anxious I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but I put that out of my mind so I could focus on the task at hand.  I had never been more nervous for a test in my life! It was definitely nice to have familiar faces in the room taking the exam at the same time; it made us all feel less alone. After the exam was over, we shared our results with one another and even got together as a class that night one last time to celebrate the end of our internship and the SAFE exam. I even went back to say goodbye to my boss and he had a surprise for me. He finally brought his Lamborghini to work and I got to see it in person! It was absolutely I N C R E D I B L E.

I left Detroit the next day feeling relieved that the exam was over but also feeling bitter sweet about leaving all of the friends I had made. Overall, I honestly felt like my internship could not have gone better and I am SO thankful to have gotten the opportunity to intern with such an amazing company. It was definitely a great way to spend my summer!


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^^ Me when I found out I passed SAFE!!!!!

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