More than One Option

I had a unique opportunity this summer to work for the US government rather than a private company. As a student I did not know the types of jobs that were available in the public sector because public accounting firms and other corporations recruit so heavily at OSU.

I want more students to know about the opportunities to intern for various government agencies for three reasons:

1. It diversifies your experience and knowledge.

Government accounting looks different from normal accounting because you use proprietary and budgetary accounts. Learning this different system of accounting strengthens your overall knowledge of accounting because it forces you to question and affirm what know.

  1. You may discover something you are passionate about.

Government and non-profit accounting has entirely different goals than private sector, which is heavily profit driven. Government agencies also span a variety of interests and locations. Whether it’s the DoD, State Department or the FBI even, there’s a lot to explore and learn.

  1. There can be nobility in public service.

One the biggest takeaways I had from my internship is pride in servicing the US military and seeing my coworkers take pride in the work they do because of this. The vision for your  work has deep roots in the founding of the United States, and you may find satisfaction in contributing.

Overall, if you are interested in the public sector, I would recommend doing research to find an aspect of the government you are interested in. There are so many options out there.

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