Riding the Bus: Community in Unexpected Places

I did not want to commute and drive for 40 min in rush hour traffic from Akron to Cleveland. Not to mention, I did not want to pay 8 dollars a day to park in a garage and pay for gas.

But I wanted to save money and live at home for the summer. Not to mention, I love my family and friends and wanted to be with them every second I could this summer.

That’s when I found an express bus that goes directly from Akron to downtown Cleveland, making about five stops in the downtown area. DFAS reimburses you for your bus expense which is 40 dollars for a ten ride pass.

It was great. At first all I did was sleep, listen to music and periodically read on the bus, but then you start to see the same people on the bus and at the bus stop. Eventually, people introduce themselves to you as they see you are a new “regular” bus rider.

I n
ever expected to meet people this way, but I began to learn more about these people. Kia has four kids. Liz is a runner. Shirley just started working for DFAS a couple months ago. I liked meeting people from all backgrounds and all ages. It was like having a group of neighbors.

If I had just drove, I would have spent more money, not been able to read or sleep, and not met anyone. I would recommend to anyone to look into public transportation, especially express buses to downtown Cleveland, Columbus and beyond. It can save you money, stress and help you get outside of your comfort zone by meeting people.


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