“Your Whole Life Ahead of You”

I am working my first internship; finally, I am beginning my career in accounting. I am working on the 29th floor with an ID badge and my life is going in an upward direction. I am twenty years old, and the whole experience is all so exciting and novel. I put on my dress pants and heels and board an express bus from Akron to Downtown Cleveland. It is 6:30 am, but I cannot close my eyes for a second. I spend the entire first bus ride glued to the window, making sure that I would not miss my stop. Once I was Downtown looked at the buildings, the statues and the people. The people walking to work.

Suddenly it hits me. Those words your parents, teachers and other adults always said to you in high school: You have your whole life ahead of you.

Working downtown may be new for me, but others, they have done it for five, ten, maybe even 30 years. I realized how locked into high school I was. How when I thought about my future, all I thought about was college. But then what? I still don’t know.

I don’t share this to overwhelm you, but relax you. My advice is to get a couple career mentors that are in different phases of life. Learn from the people around you. Take a deep breath and be present where you are.


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