Pitt-sburgh Stop!

My third and final traveling experience had finally arrived. Myself and the 11 other sales interns sat in the Reynolds and Reynolds Penske room and guessed where we would be placed. The destinations this round were Detroit, Baltimore, Hilton Head, Dallas, Pasadena, Saint Louis, San Diego, and Alexandria. I was told I would be traveling to Pittsburgh and Dallas to shadow Matt, an account executive, for the week. Given the distance, I was unsure how the week would work, but I was given a day-by-day schedule to review. My first stop was in Pittsburgh, but we also needed to visit a rooftop in Dallas as Matt oversees dealerships across the country.

I woke up early Monday morning and arrived at the Cincinnati airport before the coffee shop was open. I sat and waited for the first flight of my busy week. At this point I had become accustomed to early mornings in the airport. Monday morning went by in circles; board, fly, land, repeat. Finally, I arrived in Pittsburgh where Matt picked me up. The first thing I noticed about Matt was he was full of energy. He occupied our car ride by asking me about my ambitions and questions I had for him. We soon arrived to our first dealership where I met another Matt who works as a field marketing professional at Reynolds. Little did I know I was about to spend the week with two Matts I would never forget.

We went through our workday in Pittsburgh and prepared for Tuesday where we all three flew to Dallas. I learned that airports are a great place to get to know your co-workers. Despite our favorite sports teams, a Cincinnati Buckeye fan was able to get along with fans who root for Penn State and the Steelers (yikes). We shared stories about how we found Reynolds, and I admired their long-term commitments to the company. Collectively, they had been working at Reynolds and Reynolds for over 30 years.

Throughout our time in Dallas, we bonded over the intense outside heat. It reached 110 degrees one day! Both Matts took me out for Tex-Mex and we spent the entire trip in each other’s company. One thing I’ve noticed about Reynolds employees is they know how to laugh. We joked around with each other throughout the day, and it made my time all the better. As our trip came to a close, it was difficult to say goodbye. But the beauty in today’s world is we are able to connect through LinkedIn and stay in touch. Who knows, maybe one day we will work side-by-side again.


(Above: Pittsburgh, Below: Sky over Dallas)

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