San Antonio: Road Work Ahead

After my first trip to Tennessee, I could not have been more excited to hear where I would be placed next. Just like the previous group meeting, myself and the 11 other sales interns walked to our Penske meeting room and sat in anticipation of our next placement. We went through a slide deck one-by-one. It was quickly revealed that I would be sent to San Antonio, Texas! The other locations this round were San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Nashville. Our coordinator did a great job of matching us with locations we had never seen before. Following our meeting, I went to my desk to send an email to my account manager in San Antonio.

While I prepared for my second trip, I felt more confident because of my experience shadowing an account manager in Tennessee. I am a person who strongly believes the best way to learn how to do a job is to actually go out and do it. I believe this hands-on experience is what sets Reynolds and Reynolds apart from other companies. This is my fifth internship since the beginning of my college career. I have never experienced such a real-life view of what my future career could look like through my internship experience. The sales internship here is for someone who is willing to push themselves outside their comfort zone. I have been able to speak with my company’s vice presidents and car dealers that normally wouldn’t have time to speak with a college student. Keep in mind that Reynolds and Reynolds has thousands of employees; this is not something to brush off. They genuinely care about their interns here.

In regard to my experience with the account manager in San Antonio, Ragan, it was incredible. She is the account manager for a region of Texas, and her dealerships are HUGE. It was like looking into a sea of cars whenever we pulled up. I was glad to shadow a woman for my second trip because I was curious about whether or not gender affected the way dealers work with their Reynolds representatives. When I entered this internship, that was my number one fear, will the auto industry be disrespectful towards me? Ragan took the time to discuss this with me and explain her perspective. This was helpful because she had been with the industry for around 10 years. Through our discussion and my experience in dealerships I was pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day, dealers didn’t care what I looked like, they just wanted to improve their business.

Reynolds and Reynolds has a, “work hard, play hard” mentality. Ragan wanted to make sure that I had time to experience San Antonio. My favorite excursion was when she took me to a newer district called The Pearl District. We got to know one another, and I was sad to go. My second trip was a success! When I returned to the Dayton office, I anticipated hearing about my third placement.

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