Start Your Engines! Week One

My first week at Reynolds was a huge switch up from my college schedule. There were no more 3 hour gaps in-between daily activities. I was nervous to navigate a busy work schedule, especially in a field I’d never experienced before. This was the first time I was working from 8 until 5. It was also the start of my professional story. Butterflies were fully present in my stomach as I walked through the entrance way into Reynolds. Luckily, I was paired with two other interns who lived with me in a community near Reynolds. We carpooled and embraced the first day in unison.

The internship started with introductions and a brief overview of what we should expect over the summer. I wrote down a few goals in my notebook: 1. Learn the corporate culture. 2. Develop professional business acumen. 3. Remember that this experience is on-the-job interviewing. That’s a phrase I heard all week, “On-the-job interview.” I believe it’s incredibly important to remember this as an intern. You are representing your school and yourself in every conversation. This isn’t meant to scare you. Let this inspire you! And most importantly, don’t be afraid to step up in your role. It can be as simple as writing articles about your experience. On the flip side, you are also interviewing the company. Embrace your experience, but be realistic. Ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable in this role?”, “Would I enjoy working with this group 5 days a week?” If you’re lucky enough to say yes to both, you may have a bright future ahead of you.

The best part about my first week was seeing the passion Reynolds has for interns. No matter their ranking, people stopped by and asked me my name. My cubicle was decorated with an Ohio State flag, personalized business cards, and my own Reynolds name tag. I was paired with a mentor in the Fixed Ops department and we started our relationship by having lunch together. The culture here is definitely work hard, play hard. Employees are constantly on the go, but know how to relax by joking around and possibly joining one of the many sports leagues or service excursions.

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