What I can do within 20 minutes of my apartment in San Jose

San Jose is the 10th  largest city in the United States by population, so there isn’t a lack of things to do here when I’m not working. In this blog I’m going to outline some of the fun things to do here.

Guadeloupe River Trail

This is a trail that runs all through San Jose. It’s right by my apartment, so I enjoy getting on the trail after work and taking a run with the river right next me.

Chill by the pool

The apartment Cisco set me up with has a pool, so when I need some relaxation I will head there to enjoy the sun and take a swim! The weather here is consistently hot -it hasn’t rained once-so anytime I want to go to the pool is a good time!

Tech Museum of Innovation

I had the chance to visit this museum with my roommates and had loads of fun! A highlight was putting on a brain wave scanner that gave me a report at the end-apparently my brain waves categorized me as:“nerdy inventor”.

Municipal Rose Garden

This was the most beautiful area of flowers I have ever seen. It just so happened to be that there was a wedding going on when I was there, so my roommates sat down and “crashed it.”

Mission Peak

Mission Peak is a must do in San Jose! It’s about a 2 hour hike up to the top, and the views did not disappoint.

For the foodies:

This blog wouldn’t be complete without an ode to the amazing food here! I’ve had a chance to eat some local fare, and have enjoyed every bite. I love the diversity of food here, from Japanese to Indian, there’s no shortage of really tasty meals! Pictured from top to bottom: Sajj (Mediterranean), Banana Leaf (Malaysian), Straits Café (Chinese) and In-N-Out Burger (American).

Hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for reading!


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