OCM Staff Spotlight: Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice is the Executive Director of the Office of Career Management.  He has worked in the OCM for 25 years.  When asked about his favorite part about his role, Jeff responded, “I work with a great team who are amazing in what they accomplish each and every day. They come to work with energy and optimism, and our students are the beneficiaries of a spectacular team of career professionals.”  His first job was delivering a weekly newspaper in a town of less than 5,000 residents by riding his bike.  It was not unusual for customers to invite him in for cookies when he came by to collect their subscription bills. Outside of the office, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family as much as possible – they enjoy theater, music, and simply hanging out with each other.  He also does a lot of cycling to stay well trained for Pelotonia, and enjoys golf and DIY projects around his home.  If he could be anything in the world, Jeff would be a professional golfer.  Getting paid to play golf – works for him!  Jeff’s favorite spot on Ohio State’s campus is the Grand Reading Room in Thompson Library.  The restoration from 1919 is spectacular!  You might not know, as a senior in high school, Jeff qualified for, and competed in, two events at the Ohio High School State Track and Field Championships which were held at Ohio Stadium.  His advice for Fisher business students is, “Always remember the sacrifices and investments you and others are making in your future. To get a return on that investment will require good decisions from you regarding your career plan. This is exactly why the Office of Career Management exists. Come see us often.”

Katie Passen

Katie Passen is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Career Development in the Office of Career Management at Fisher College of Business.

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