Tip Tuesday: How to Use Your Global Experience in Your Job Search

Written by Undergraduate Career Consultant, Sheri Sheffel

Did you study abroad or do a global project in Madrid? Vienna? Prague? Budapest? Paris? London? No matter where your global experience has come from, IT IS VALUABLE!!! However, you may be unsure of the best way to talk about this to companies. It can be hard to understand how everything you have done and got to experience throughout your program relates to the internship or job you are applying for. Below are some of the top tips you can use to help show the impact your global experience had on you and how you will be able to bring that experience into your internship or job.

  1. Update your resume!!! The first step of leveraging this experience is to make sure the company knows about it. If you have studied abroad, include your experience underneath the education section of your resume. If you participated in a global project experience you can either put this as a bullet point in your education section or in your experience section. Make sure that you are including specific bullet points to detail your experience.
  2. What should you focus on in your resume and in an interview? Make sure that you are discussing how you communicated with people, challenges your overcame, how you prepared, new business perspectives you gained, and what you learned about yourself. Make sure that you are being specific and including action verbs on your resume.
  3. What should you avoid? Within your behavioral based questions, try to stay away from the tourist sites you saw, food you ate, negative experiences unless they contributed to a specific skill, and broad general statements. However, if the employee you are talking to is specifically asking for these things, share your experiences! You never know where common ground might show up if they have taken a similar trip.
  4. If you enjoyed your experience and are interested in overseas jobs or internships, check out some additional resources at Fisher:
    1. GoingGlobal
    2. FisherConnect
    3. Vault Career Insider

Overall, you are one of the lucky students who was able to have an amazing global experience! Congratulations and make sure to use that experience to differentiate you in your job hunt. If you want help including this on your resume or want help framing your experience for an interview setting, make sure to make an appointment with The Office of Career Management here: https://fisher.osu.edu/careers-recruiting/students/schedule-appointment

Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Career Development in the Office of Career Management at Fisher College of Business.

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