My Time With L Brands

My eight months with L Brands has come to an end, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience that I had. I built lasting relationships with interns, fellow employees, and people outside of our company. I grew as an individual and expanded my knowledge of the real estate industry, an industry that I now know for certain that I want to build a career in. 

This was my first time working in a corporate office, and to be honest I was extremely skeptical at first. I was worried that I wouldn’t like working alongside hundreds of people in a head corporate office, but as I became more comfortable with my job and the people around me, I began to really enjoy my experience and those fears went away. The department that I worked in was roughly 30 people, which helped to make the huge corporate office feel small and much more manageable.

The corporate office also became more manageable when I began my onboarding process. I had about 25 meetings with fellow employees from different areas of L Brands. I met with people from finance, construction, store design and much more. Each meeting lasted over an hour, which gave me plenty of time to form a solid relationship with my peer. This was an amazing experience and something that I recommend every intern should do when working for any company, especially one as large as L Brands. Relationships are huge in the business world, and I suggest that interns take every step possible to build them.

By the end of my internship I was truly sad that I had to return to school and finish up my senior year. I grew very close with my fellow employees, and leaving them was definitely tough for me. An experience like the one I had with L Brands is truly a gift and I hope that all Fisher students get an experience just like it! I highly recommend working for L Brands!

Ryan Linker

Ryan Linker is a Fisher Finance and Real Estate major graduating in May, 2018. He is a Leasing Analyst at L Brands in Columbus, Ohio.

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