A Day in the Life

What is a complete day like as an Internal Audit intern with PNC?

To help answer that question, I picked a day of the week that all of the interns value most: Our weekly trip to Pittsburgh.

About once a week, the interns from Cleveland travel to Pittsburgh for the day to have a meal with an executive or a high-ranking manager.

This is what one of my days look like from beginning to end:

5:30am – Wake up to shower and get ready

7:00am – Arrive at a pickup location and wait for a shuttle to pick us up

9:15am – Arrive in Pittsburgh, PA

9:30am-10:00am – Catch up on emails and go over schedule for the day

10:00am-12:00pm – Meetings and work on projects/assignments

12:00pm – Lunch with an executive or high-ranking manager where we get to have lunch as an  intern class and listen to the speaker

1:00pm – Meetings with manager

2:00pm – Work on projects/assignments

4:00pm – Hop on shuttle back to Cleveland

6:00pm – Arrive back in Cleveland

6:30pm – Finally home for the day

What could be considered an exhausting 12-hour day is actually everyone’s favorite day.  The two-hour shuttle ride is actually great experience to bond with your intern class.  Being in Pittsburgh is awesome because instead of using Skype for Business for everything, you are able to really enjoy your fellow interns that are in Pittsburgh and interact with your managers on a whole new level.

Hopefully this helps enhance the view of what a day is like as a PNC Internal Audit Intern!

Landon Slomovitz

Landon Slomovitz is a Fisher Finance major graduating in May, 2018. He is an Internal Audit Intern at PNC in Cleveland, Ohio.

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