Why am I Working Here Again?

Oftentimes as business students, we lose sight of the purpose of our work. Excel spreadsheets, CRM updating, e-mail after email, what’s it all for anyway?

When taking this job with Weight Watchers, I knew about the brand, as my mom had done the program years ago. In my mind, I had a picture of a group of people in a room talking about their weight loss and going on and on about everything they eat. Little did I know this perception would change so quickly.

Every month Weight Watchers holds a corporate meeting in which they disclose to their employees new products and updates to the company. The other interns and I had been looking forward to it all week, as we do for any meeting, to break up our day on the computer. Finally, the day had come! The first product was revealed, but after that I started to tune out–it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped for. I was ready to go back to my desk and continue my work, until one of the members came to the front of the room and started to talk about her weight loss journey. After her first few words, I didn’t want to leave.

Since then I have heard a few other member’s stories at Weight Watchers member meetings, as well as I have started the program myself. I didn’t realize how much of a lifestyle change it truly is! Although our journeys have all been so different, we all have one result in common–not weight loss, but happiness. Reaching a goal or progressing towards one can be rough, but the support Weight Watchers provides its members keeps them motivated and proud of their success so far.

Knowing the purpose of the company I work for and seeing it in action has truly changed my attitude at work. It gives me a reason to make it through the long commute and those hours on the computer. Although it may not seem like my small intern tasks add value to the company at times, I know that my work helps those higher up make a larger impact.  It also made me realize the importance of finding my purpose and finding a workplace that aligns with what I feel I am set to do. By working with like minded people, I find myself more excited to come to work every day.

So why do I update the CRM system, pull reports, and work on sales reviews every day? I do it to make people happy!

Cassie Edelstein

Cassie Edelstein is a Fisher Accounting major graduating in May, 2020. She is a Regional Account Management Intern at Weight Watchers Health Solutions in New York.

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