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My name is Landon Slomovitz, and I am an incoming senior at The Ohio State University. In the Fisher College of Business, I specialize in Finance with a minor in Economics.  Over the summer I will be interning with PNC in Cleveland, Ohio!While I am in Columbus, Ohio throughout the school year, I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio.  It is very relieving to intern in the city I grew up in and still live today. As a result, I won’t have any extra headaches throughout the summer by living in the comfort of my home and working in a city so close to my heart. I am working in the Internal Audit department, and I started on May 24th with a Three-Day Summer Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A big reason I chose to intern at PNC is not only for its prestigious name but, because of the people I met along the way in the interview process.  The recruiters for PNC were the most approachable and friendly people out of any company that I have been fortunate enough to encounter.  The recruiters are genuinely interested in everything the candidate has to say including dense and knowledgeable answers to questions I had. The main aspect that drove home my interest was how transparent and honest the recruiters were. They never wanted to mislead or sway anyone in making a decision; they allowed us to think on our own.

The questions I constantly get is:

Why write for My Fisher Internship when you already have an internship? Do you think it will affect your resume at this point?  Why waste your time?

I wanted to write for My Fisher Internship because I wholeheartedly believe it will help future students. Whether it be deciding what company to intern at or what to expect day-to-day throughout an internship, I am here to help.  Fisher does so many wonderful things when it comes to preparing students for internship programs, and I believe this is another excellent example.

These next ten weeks are going to have a ton of obstacles, early mornings, and stressful moments but even more wonderful opportunities with excellent people.  I am so glad to have taken this internship with PNC, and I cannot wait to see how it goes!

Landon Slomovitz

Landon Slomovitz is a Fisher Finance major graduating in May, 2018. He is an Internal Audit Intern at PNC in Cleveland, Ohio.

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