10 Lessons for your First 2 Weeks

I’m Cassie Edelstein, a rising sophomore, and I am currently a Regional Sales and Account Management Intern at Weight Watchers Health Solutions Team. In my first 2 weeks at the company, I have learned a lot, but here are the 10 most important things I have learned about interning so far:

  1. Bring a sweater/jacket to the office

Offices tend to get cold, especially when it is June and the air conditioning is blasting. On my chair, you can always find my favorite sweater ready to go!

  1. Find out if your office has free coffee

After waking up around 10 every day all of May, waking up at 6 was a HUGE shock! Long calls can be tough to pay attention to, but without caffeine it is even tougher. Oftentimes if you ask other employees or look around you can find free coffee. Trust me, I take advantage of it at least 2 times a day.

  1. Know who your manager is before your start date

As much as I love interning in New York City, dealing with the commute from Long Island can be rough. Of course, my first day of work the train was delayed for an hour, making me 45 minutes late. Luckily, I had my managers name and e-mail to let him know I would be late, and he was completely understanding!

  1. Ask what acronyms mean, even if you think you know

CRM, RSM, RAM, LMV, AW…these were just some of the acronyms I heard on my first day. Oftentimes companies will have a list of what these terms mean, something I have found extremely useful when navigating projects given to me.

  1. Make an effort to meet the other interns

These are people you will be working with all summer, and they are also your peers. Many of us have similar experiences and interests, plus it’s always nice to have someone to eat with.

  1. Bring lunch with you (but after the first day)

On the first day, your job might provide food for the interns, but after that, you’re out of luck. As an intern, every dollar saved counts, so bringing lunch instead of buying everyday makes that pay check go a little further.

  1. Make an effort to get to know the employees

Whether it be team lunches, happy hour, or lunches with executives, go to them! My dad has told me many times, the more connections you make, the further you will go in your career. Every relationship counts so make it a point to go to as many events as possible.

  1. Bring snacks!

There’s only so far breakfast at 6:30 AM will take you. By 10:30, the hunger starts to come on, but it isn’t late enough for lunch yet. That’s why I tend to pack 2 snacks with me, one for the morning and one in the afternoon. Trust me, that little boost of energy makes a BIG difference.

  1. Remember you are just as qualified as the other interns

As a sophomore, it is intimidating when the other interns tend to be rising seniors or graduate students, or come from Ivy league/prestigious private schools. At times I didn’t feel as deserving as the other interns, but then I remember I went through the interview process just like they did and was chosen to be on this team. No one is better than the others, we are all deserving of our positions.

  1. Wherever you go, you will find a Buckeye

Once you mention you go to The Ohio State, I am positive you will find a fellow Buckeye in the office. My encounter happened to be with the Director of Marketing, which easily established a connection. Even though I may be back in New York, OSU follows me everywhere and I am lucky to have that network.

Cassie Edelstein

Cassie Edelstein is a Fisher Accounting major graduating in May, 2020. She is a Regional Account Management Intern at Weight Watchers Health Solutions in New York.

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