Internship Goals and Expectations: Cardinal Health

Hello! My name is Kate, and I am an incoming fourth year accounting major here at Fisher. This summer, I am interning at Cardinal Health in Columbus, Ohio. I am a finance intern within the SEC Reporting department. And because Cardinal Health follows a June 30 year-end, I get the privilege of partaking in the 10-K preparation process!

I have now successfully completed the first two weeks of my internship, which were mostly a whirlwind of absorbing information about the company, meeting other interns, and trying to find my desk in the maze of cubicles.

Another employee at Cardinal suggested that I compose a set of expectations and goals for the summer. That way, at the end of my internship, it would be easier to do a self-assessment and analyze all the things I accomplished. I figured it would also be a good way to put pen to paper and write down some things I wanted to learn over the summer.

Here is what I hope to get out of my internship:

  • Learn how to use one new software program
  • Partake in the 10-K annual report process
  • Establish a process to implement new accounting leasing standards
  • Present new accounting standards to finance department leadership
  • Network with other interns and full-time employees
  • Learn more about the audit process
  • Meet the CEO (all Cardinal interns get to do this!)

Stay tuned to see how these expectations play out in the weeks to come!

Kate Garrett

Kate Garrett is a Fisher Accounting major graduating in May, 2018. She is a Business Support Intern at Cardinal Health in Columbus, Ohio.

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