What Happens After the Fisher Fall Career Fair?

Congratulations on conquering the Career Fair! You have tackled the big day, but your road to finding a summer internship isn’t quite over yet.  Career Fair Pro, Jacqueline, provides advice on the next steps you should take following the Career Fair.

So the career fair is over and you’ve conquered the big day – what now?

Don’t forget to actually apply for different internships of companies you visited! Many companies will have given you handouts with the link to apply, or portals to apply can easily be found online or on the company website.

If you collected business cards or names of recruiters that you talked to at the career fair, be sure to send them individual, personalized emails – thanking them for their time, reflecting back to something you talked about, and reiterating your interests in the company. If you genuinely connected with a recruiter from a company you are interested in, ask if you can schedule some time on their calendar for a phone call to talk more about your interests in the company.

Prepare for interviews that might come your way! Glassdoor is a fantastic resource to read about others’ experience in interviewing with the same company. Valuable information can also be found on the company website, as they often map out what the recruiting process looks like as well as timelines in case you forgot to ask the recruiters at the career fair.

Start a spreadsheet to document your communication and applications with companies! Make note of the names of the people you spoke to at each company and throughout the recruiting process if you progress further. Keep note of your account and user names used for applications with each company.

Attend any follow-up events that you can! Companies will often collect your contact information when you speak with them at the career fair and host different recruiting or networking workshops, dinners, and other sorts of events on campus after the career fair for students interested in the company. Sometimes invitations or notifications of these emails go to spam or clutter, so be sure to check all email folders in the weeks following the career fair, and capitalize on any opportunity to network with companies that you are interested in!

But what if nothing comes of this career fair?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an internship directly out of the career fair! Every career fair can be used as a stepping stone, and there are countless ways to find internships that aren’t directly through the career fair.

Apply to companies that don’t recruit from Ohio State or post to Fisher Connect that you might be interested in! An incredible amount of companies recruit from Ohio State, but there are countless others that don’t come to the career fair! You can browse different companies’ websites to find information about how to apply for their internships.

Companies host events throughout the year that serve as ways for you to learn more about their company as well as opportunities for them to observe the way you work. Be sure to check Fisher Connect for such opportunities, as well as postings throughout Fisher, and emails from any Fisher-related organization.

Remember – there is always the spring career fair! Internships can be found at both the fall and the spring career fairs.

Best of luck!

Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Career Development in the Office of Career Management at Fisher College of Business.

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