The Career Fair has Finally Arrived!

The day is finally here, The Fisher Fall Career Fair!  As you get ready today, keep this advice from Career Fair Pro, Hannah, in mind!

After all the research and preparation, we are finally ready to embark on the glorious endeavor of employment. With that said, there are five things that you should prepare for and expect while at the Career Fair.

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  1. Professional Dress: Before you get to the career fair, ensure you’re wearing business professional from head to toe. For men, this includes dress shoes and socks as well as well-groomed hair and facial hair. For women, this includes comfortable closed toed professional shoes as well as groomed hair and nails. Be sure to invest in a black padfolio folder to carry your resumes and notebook for note taking. During my first career fair, I brought my resumes in a purple folder. Needless to say, I received many funny and discouraging looks.Blog Picture 2Blog Picture 3Blog Picture 4
  2. The Long Trek from Fisher to the Union: Before you can even approach a company booth, you need to make sure you are reflecting the best version of yourself. During the mile long trek from Fisher to the Union, there is plenty of time for your hair to fall out of place, your black suit to attract pollen, and for dreaded Buckeye back-sweat to appear. This year at the career fair, there will be a booth of “Career Fair Pros” on the Second Floor outside of the Ballroom. They are seniors who have been there and done that. They will be fully stocked with elevator pitch expertise, a mirror, lint rollers, and even breath mints. Make sure to swing by before you go to meet your destiny.
  3. People Everywhere: Nearly 2,000+ Buckeyes attend this Career Fair. This means that a lot is going on, as well as a lot of competition. Remember to use the OSU Career Fair Plus app to not get lost in the crowd. Even though many of your friends may also be there, make sure you aren’t approaching a booth in a group. It can be very overwhelming for a recruiter. Besides, the company is looking to hire you, not you and all of your friends. Lastly, the best way to stand out in a crowd is to wear your best smile!Blog Picture 5
  4. Waiting in Long Lines: Waiting in line is the best time to collect your bearings. Lines can last anywhere from 5 minutes to over a half an hour. While waiting in line, I recommend going over your elevator speech in your head to target it more to the company you are in line for. In addition, feel free to spark up conversation with people around you. As much as the line is a process to get to recruiters, it is also a social test to see how well you get along with others. Finally, be sure to listen into other student’s conversations with recruiters as you approach the end of the line. You may be able to catch some juicy insight that might better help your conversation.
  5. Introducing Yourself: The moment is finally here. You approach the recruiter, introduce yourself, deliver your elevator speech, and hit a home run! You soon realize that you forgot the recruiter’s name. I’ve unfortunately been in this situation multiple times before. I’m convinced my brain isn’t wired to remember names, and I have a feeling some of you are in the same boat. My advice would be to ask for a business card while you are delivering your resume. If they do not have a business card then that is when your handy dandy notebook in your padfolio comes to your aid! After leaving the booth, take some time to write down a few notes about your conversation on the back of the business card or in the notebook. This will help immensely when you go to write follow up emails.

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Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynolds is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Career Development in the Office of Career Management at Fisher College of Business.

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