The Intern Perspective

Today was the first day of my internship, and throughout this week I will be training with the rest of the local interns. On Day 1, we mostly talked about PwC’s culture, its career opportunities and had special ice-breakers around Time Square. From day one I can tell that PwC is a diverse and talented place to work in, as it was very common to find other interns who spoke more than one language.

Since no real work has yet happened, I will use this blog to talk about what is like to work in the City of New York. While you may have been in NYC before, your perspective truly changes as an intern. If before Time Square was the first place you wanted to see as a tourist, it becomes the last place you want to walk by when  trying to make it in time to work. Central Park becomes more than a cool spot to take pictures, but your running track where you get your daily work out. And my favorite change as of now; remember the serious people in suits that marched between skyscrapers? Well, some of them are your colleagues now and you get the chance to become friends with them during breaks. There are always things to do here, and the best part, a lot of it is free! From street concerts from major artists to late night shows, even  museums hold special days where admissions are free.  Having said that, budgeting is a serious matter. If you didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to budget as a college student, the learning curve will be steep. However, one thing is clear, NY does deserves the big red heart that comes in the shirts.



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