How to Prep for your Final Presentation

The end of my internship is almost here (holy crap that went fast), and with the end an internship comes the final presentation.  Most major companies will have their interns present what they accomplished during the summer and their major projects to their teams.  Each company approaches intern final presentations differently.  For example, my roommate working at P&G only has to present to four people, but those four people are pretty high up in the company.  At Lux, I’m presenting to my entire brand team (around 25 people), which includes managers and higher leadership, as well as the recruiting team, and any other Lux employee that wants to stop in and listen.

Regardless of the final presentation structure, you definitely want to end on a great note and rock your presentation.  Here are some tips I’ve discovered to help you do just that:

  1. Go through the template of what to include in your presentation and start inputting your information (whether it’s on a hard copy or on your computer). It helped me to get all the content I wanted to cover written down first, and organize it later.
  2. Run through the content you want to present with your manager. She can correct terminology and give feedback on how much time to spend talking about a particular project.
  3. Meet with other interns in your department. I met with the two other interns on the Target Optical brand to share our ideas for what we need to cover in our presentation, what format to use, and other feedback we had received from our managers.
  4. Practice! Run through your presentation by yourself a couple times, then reserve a room to practice it out loud in front of your manager or other interns.

And on the day of your presentation…

  1. You’ve been working on your projects all summer.  You know them inside and out; it should be easy to talk about them.  All you have to do now is brag yourself up showing everyone what a great job you did!

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