What’s Your POV?

If you happen to eavesdrop on any sort of meeting about strategy or creative review at Target Optical, you will most likely hear the phrase, “What’s your point of view?”  Your point of view (or more commonly known as POV; acronyms are huge here) is exactly what it sounds like:  your opinion and thoughts on the strategy to a specific project.

From working here, I realized how important it is to have a POV.  When my manager asks me my thoughts on messaging strategy options, she doesn’t want to hear, “Oh I like all of the ideas” or “I don’t think it really matters which one we use”.  She wants to hear my opinion.  More importantly, she wants to hear my reasoning as to how I came to that opinion.

At first the whole POV thing threw me off; it just seemed way too subjective.  As my internship progressed, though, I finally understood it.  Thinking through your POV helps you align with the overall strategy of the project; it helps you develop reasons as to why you think the way you do and how that relates to the overall objective.  Having a POV also shows your team members that you are engaged with and care about what you are working on-never a bad thing!

I bet that your company will be asking for your POV too, even if they don’t explicitly use the phrase POV.  And you better be prepared with an answer when do.

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