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This week in my summer Managerial Accounting class I learned about the benefits of coaching and engaging team members through performance reviews to bring the team into alignment behind department or company goals. We looked at different ways managers can use accounting to aid in these exchanges.

Ironically this week I received my first set of performance reviews from my managers at Key. I have to admit, learning about performance reviews is much easier than preparing for one of your own. I swear I thought I heard the Jaws theme song as I got closer and closer to the conference room; or maybe it’s just a sign I should tone down binge watching Shark Week.

In case you were curious, all of my reviews went smoothly. I thankfully received positive feedback, which is really encouraging as I’m still trying to wrap my head around the projects I am staffed on. One of the pieces of feedback that I received surprised me a little bit. My manager encouraged me to consider ways the company could be more efficient. My first thought was who am I to tell the 19th largest bank in the USA that it isn’t efficient? Then it occurred to me.

As we journey through college, we teeter-totter between the working world and the world of academia. We are at a paramount position to bridge the gap between the latest case studies from school and the processes used in corporate America. I challenge you to look for connections between your studies and your work experience. Challenge what a book says; ask why to your professor. Challenge a century old process; ask your manager if they would consider a different method that may be more effective.

Time and time again the emergence of data has shown that long held beliefs don’t actually pan out across the data and new information. Be respectful, insightful, and always curious. Improving and learning go far beyond the numbers you analyze or projects you complete. Challenge the way others think and ask for the same in return. Before you know it you’ll be onto something you never thought possible!


Here are some of the fun things that the interns of RRG did this week:

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Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.42.49 AM

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