Five things I’ve Learned in Five Weeks


  1. Ask questions– You’re not expected to know everything coming into your internship. Case and point- I was having trouble dialing into my first conference call by myself, so I asked an associate in the nearest cubicle to the conference room to help me dial in.  I was hesitant to bother someone working to ask for help, but asking questions or for help is a great way to learn.
  2. But take time to digest what you are learning –Listen up when you are in meetings so you don’t ask questions that you would already know the answers to if you were just paying attention the first time.
  3. Ask for more– Managers set aside specific projects for you to do as an intern, but as they don’t know your work speed or efficiency you might get ahead on some projects or finish them early all together. Ask your manager what else you can do.  It shows initiative.  Plus the best way to get offered a job is to integrate yourself as much as you can into as many projects as you can.
  4. Connect with your coworkers– It doesn’t all have to be about work! Obviously, everyone wants to work with people they actually like.  Take time to form friendships with your coworkers by talking about each other’s weekends or grabbing a drink after work.
  5. Stay organized- At a corporate level, there can be a lot going on. In order for me stay on top of my projects I updated an A3 document weekly for each of my projects.  Each week I documented what I got done the previous week and what my next steps were in order for me to complete my projects by the end of my internship.  This helped my manager gain visibility to what I spent most of my time working on.  It will also help me when I start working on my final presentation because I have a lot of big milestones of my projects already written down.

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