When in Rome

I’m about as Ohio as it gets. I love to play Cornhole, visit Cedar Point yearly, and have a strong love/hate relationship with our weather patterns. Many people down in Texas have called out my various Midwestern habits within minutes of meeting me. (“you guys” and “pop” will never be taken out of my vocabulary!) Nonetheless, one of the reasons I chose to go down here is to experience a new culture and learn from people who may think and act differently than I do. Within the past few weeks I’ve managed to expand my friend base in the area quite a bit. When a group of Baylor students invited me to go country line dancing one weekend, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Ted Nugent, Styx, and B.B. King are among the greats that have performed at this awesome club


They told me about a famous country club in Dallas called Billy Bobs. Upon arriving at the club, I realized that I have never and will never step foot in a place quite as “country” as this place was. There was bull riding, cowboy hats, country artists, an indoor rodeo area, and lots of cowboy boots! We made our way to the back and I was promptly given a crash course in “two-stepping.”

For anyone who has ever seen me attempt to dance, it would come as no surprise that I was deplorable. No amount of practice was going to change that. Nonetheless, I kept at it and kicked off the most fun weekend of my entire summer. I never would have gone to a country club back home. I never would have spent an evening two-stepping with complete strangers. The list goes on and on of the things I “never would have done” if I stayed back home.

Truthfully I do not see myself working in Texas after I graduate. It’s too hot down here and everything is too spread out for my taste. That being said I love pretending to be a Texan for the summer. I’ve had the opportunity to go shooting, try homemade beer, attend a catfish cookout, and so much more. Trying something new on a weekly basis produces a unique feeling of exhilaration for me. I’ve begun to realize how entrenched I’ve become in a certain frame of mind from my Columbus upbringing. While I’ve learned a lot about Finance at my internship, I’ve learned just as much about myself and the world around me during my free time. I hope to take two disparate lifestyles and apply the best of both to my future endeavors.

That being said, I’ll probably do the world a favor and hang up the cowboy boots when I come back.

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