Don’t Get Stuck in the “Intern” Mindset

As an intern, it’s no secret that we are definitely on the low end of the corporate totem pole at work. However, it can be easy to stay in the “I’m only an intern” mindset and have that affect your work. For example, I went on a site visit to a Target Optical store with my manager this past week, and when we were introducing ourselves to the store team member, I introduced myself as: “Hi, I’m Heather. I’m interning for Emily”. At which point Emily pushed off my comment saying, “No, you’re Heather from marketing at Target Optical”.

This really got me thinking. I told the team member I was an intern because:

  1. I am , and
  2. To establish the fact that I was new and not as experienced as the small group I was with.

The second reason is not necessarily a good one.

If you stay in the intern mindset, you might think of yourself as less knowledgeable and maybe even less capable than your co-workers in some instances which prevents you from voicing your opinions and ideas at work. You were hired by your company to express your ideas and to help the business grow; just because you are newer to the company doesn’t mean your thoughts on business strategy or on anything else are any less relevant.

Once I started thinking of myself as “Heather from marketing” instead of “Heather the intern” I took myself a lot more seriously at work and became a lot more strategic about my projects. Thinking of myself as an actual employee instead of an intern is helping me get so much more out of my experience at Luxottica.

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