I’m Not in Columbus Anymore

I am officially moved in at Xavier University’s apartments in Cincinnati for the next two months for my internship at Luxottica Retail, (I don’t start until Monday, but I wanted to give myself time to move in and figure out a new city) and I already can’t believe how different Cincinnati is from good ole’ Columbus Town.  I also have made a couple discoveries.

Day one mistake:  trying to jog on Xavier Campus; Cincinnati is so hilly! It definitely made my run more difficult than I’m used to and had me looking up gym memberships so I can find a treadmill to run on a relatively flat surface to save my legs from dying every time I run.

Day  one discovery:  Xavier University is small, especially compared to the wonderful Ohio Sate campus I know and love.  At first I thought I was just missing part of campus when I kept jogging by the same buildings but a look at the campus directory told me that I had actually seen the campus in its entirety.  It was definitely a weird feeling considering how big our campus is, and I realized I prefer the big campus feel we have at Ohio State.

Well, three days until I officially start work, not that I’m counting down or anything.

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