Networking in Nashville!

I had the pleasure to speak with the Executive Director of the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy. The Recording Academy puts on the annual GRAMMY Awards Show!
I had the pleasure of speaking with the Executive Director of the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy. The Recording Academy puts on the annual GRAMMY Awards Show!

Hello everyone!

It is quite strange thinking about how I have only 20 days of work left at Crowd Surf, LLC. This summer has gone by quickly, and I am extremely happy I have learned so many new things through this incredible experience. I look forward to returning to campus this fall and putting these skills to work in the classroom, in the organizations I am involved in, and eventually in my career. In addition to the new skills I practice daily in the office, I also have been practicing a very important skill emphasized at the Max M. Fisher College of Business: Networking.

Before I moved to Nashville I found out its nickname was, “Music City, USA”, and learned about some of the major record labels, publishing groups, talent agents, and artist-focused marketing firms located in the area. I was so excited to be interning in a city with companies such as Universal Music Group, Creative Artists Agency, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Brothers Records, and Big Machine Records all located in an area known as Music Row. I made it a point to try to meet with as many professionals in the entertainment industry as I could in order to learn about their role in the industry and how they got to where they are.

I had three different strategies to accomplish this goal because I knew it would not be easy to set up these meetings with professionals. My first strategy was to have one-on-one meetings with people who worked at Crowd Surf as to hear their stories and get their advice. My second strategy was to attend professional mixers, and arrange meetings with people who were doing things I would love to learn more about. My last strategy was to randomly email companies in hopes of them arranging for me to meet with an employee. The last one rarely worked but was definitely worth it because it’s how I met the Executive Director of Nashville’s chapter of the Recording Academy.

Even though the confirmed meetings didn’t start happening until five weeks in, I am honored to tell you I have met with people from varying sectors of the entertainment industry. I’ve met with the Creative Director of a record label, CEO of an international audio branding firm, and the founder of an event promotions and management company. Every single person I met with, when I asked them for both personal and career advice, eventually told me these three things: find your passion in life, work efficiently and diligently, and to remember business is all about relationships.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

-Michael Inman 🙂

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