A and A Wedding

Hi again friends!

I’ve got one more wedding to get you all caught up on, then we will be (almost) up to date with my internship happenings! This was the late-April wedding of the gorgeous couple Andrea & Andrew.

Our work began with the rehearsal at the venue on Friday evening.The ceremony and reception both took place at the High Line Car House in Downtown Columbus. A very unique space! The super high ceilings and exposed brick walls made a perfect backdrop for the rustic yet chic look this couple was going for.

Looks pretty darn dreamy, right? It was even more beautiful in person.

Attending the rehearsal not only allows us to go over any last-minute details for the big day, but it also gives us interns a chance to meet the bride and groom and their families, so they can recognize us on wedding day as someone to go to if they need anything.

Not only does the pre-wedding day rendezvous allow us to get familiar with the families, but it also allows different vendors to meet one another (that is if they don’t know each other already, seems like in the wedding business everyone knows everyone). Things tend to flow a lot better if the photographer, minister, venue coordinator, DJ, florist, caterer, etc. are all on the same page! This gives them all the chance to talk anything over that may need to be discussed before the big day arrives.

The day of this wedding we had a pretty long to-do list, most dealing with adding the little details to the venue that many brides value so much. One of out projects was assembling the initial boards that held the guest name cards.

Looked pretty snazzy if you ask me! The frame on the table was their version of a guest book that they had guests sign. Adorable!

We also had to make sure each place setting at the tables were correct and laid out as the bride wanted. Seems simple, but this requires some intense attention to detail! It’s very important that each setting is extremely uniform, especially for photographs. If one little thing is off, it will stick out like a sore thumb!

Their stunning flowers made everything tie in so nicely. The tables looked absolutely amazing when they were all set up. They also incorporated a ton of candles on each table and around the venue which gave us some very ambient and intimate vibes to work with. We all loved it!

Our tear down process was pretty simple for this wedding. We got to see the bride and groom off and they both seemed SO happy and loved their day. Seeing a happy, newly married couple definitely means all the hard work paid off!

Next time I’ll give a quick run down of the trip I was just on, and some of the planning work I did for our June 14th wedding.

Thanks so much for reading!