My First Week

Hey Everyone –

I am already 20% of the way through my internship! Kind of hard to imagine that today marks the start of my third week here in Chicago. I have been very busy with work, and when I have made it out of the office, I’ve been out exploring all this amazing city has to offer.

Week 1 for me started following the Memorial Day holiday, so it was an abbreviated week. This, combined with a lighter work schedule, definitely made the transition into the job a bit easier. On the first  day, my fellow interns and I (17 in total) sat through a number of presentations ranging from an intro to the firm and our groups, to HR and compliance overviews. The next few days were a bit more fast paced as we started technical training in financial modeling and accounting, as well as learning more about how to utilize all of the resources here. The last point may seem somewhat trivial, but it can be overwhelming at first to navigate all of the resources we have access to. There is even a dedicated team of research librarians to help bankers pull all kinds of information!

Finally, on Friday all of the summer analysts were released to their groups to begin working. I met with my staffer for the tech group early that morning to find out that I was placed onto four active projects – needless to say, I wasted no time on getting brought up to speed by each team. Friday seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I was so busy getting caught up on all of my assignments and trying to learn a lot of the basics.

One of the perks of working long hours is the benefit of being able to expense dinners and cab fares on late nights and weekends. After working nearly non-stop from 9am until 6pm, a few other interns and I went out to grab food. Then we were back to the office until 9 to finish up before calling it a day. I had a few assignments with pressing deadlines, so I had to come in on Sunday for a few hours as well to make sure everything was completed in time.

All in all, it was a pretty action packed first week. I have already learned a lot more than I expected, and I am really loving the people and work so far.