Greetings from Berlin

Hi everyone!

My name is Erin Drees; I’m a rising junior at Ohio State University, specializing in marketing and pursuing a minor in professional writing. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my summer internship. My stomach is full of butterflies on the eve of my first day. Months of preparation have led up to tomorrow when I’ll begin my eight-week marketing internship at Under the Mango Tree Design Studio and Art Gallery in Berlin, Germany. The preparation process began last August, nearly a year ago, when I attended an information session about the Fisher Summer Global Internship Program. Since then, I have completed the application process for the program and have had Skype interviews and taken a complementary course on global business. All of my preparation has lead up to my first day at UTMT, and it goes without saying that I have been looking forward to it for a long time.

I can recall first learning about Fisher Summer Global Internship Program as a prospective student. Even then, I realized this program is an incredible opportunity for business students. This program not only let’s students learn about a business field in a professional, hands-on setting, but also gain practical global business skills. And, you still have nights and weekends to explore Berlin as well as other nearby European cities. Pretty incredible, right? I remember discussing my visit at Fisher College of Business with my parents on the car ride home. I was fascinated by the boundless opportunities offered at Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business.

I’m grateful to be given the resources at Fisher College of Business to pursue an internship abroad. I was very fortunate to be selected, along with 18 other students, for the Fisher Summer Global Internship Program in Berlin, Germany. Each one of us has an unique, full-time internship in Berlin for eight weeks. The only downside is that the internship is unpaid. Still, the worth of an internship abroad is far more valuable than the hours of unpaid work to me and hopefully, to recruiters at the job fair next fall.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, I strongly recommend checking out the informative webpage at

I’m eager to begin my first day at Under the Mango Tree art gallery. Wish me luck.

Prost (cheers)!