OMG My First Day!

I was so incredibly nervous for my first day at Marathon Petroleum that I couldn’t sleep the night before! Between moving in the rest of my stuff to planning out my morning, I felt like I was going about a mile a minute. Since I’m pretty much the most directionally challenged person ever, I literally looked over the morning commute about three different times while hounding my roommates with questions about morning traffic, parking, etc. Thankfully, my roommates are awesome! In my previous post I mentioned how I was worried about living with five complete strangers, but it seems like it’s working out. It almost feels like freshman year all over again with everyone all starry-eyed about being in a new place and trying to make friends.

First Day of Work!
First Day of Work!

My first day was actually flawless! The interns were told to wait in the main lobby so us early arrivals formed a circle and small-talked with each other until it was time to go in. We mainly did orientation things for all the new employees and the summer interns. The human resources representative talked about company employee expectations and certain codes of conduct and then we filled out paperwork and tax forms. Then they gave us a quick tour of the three different buildings. I’m pretty sure I’ll still get lost a few times these next couple of weeks though! After the tour, the marketing and business development interns met up with our training supervisor to learn more about the company!

We received all sorts of great things to welcome us into the company. I got a coffee travel mug, a notebook and pens, my parking pass and I.D. badge, a computer bag, and my very own laptop! Everyone in my training group was so friendly and my supervisor treated us to lunch in the Marathon cafeteria. We had a great time getting to know each other.

The rest of the afternoon was spent learning more about the company, setting up our computers, and doing our online training videos. After work, a few of us went to the Findlay Inn for dinner and got to know each other outside of work. Even though we’re going to be working in different departments soon, I hope we still continue to meet up while we’re in Findlay this summer!

I went home with a smile on my face. Also, on the second day of my internship, I was appointed the Chair of the Intern/Co-op Advisory Board for Marathon’s summer intern class! How cool is that? I was definitely on cloud nine for the rest of that day!

Stay tuned for more if you’re not bored yet.

– Monica