London Calling

12371_10151879213466684_862774415_n                 Hi everyone! I’m Ali Sweeney and I just finished up my third year as a marketing major here at The Ohio State University.

Though I have previously held an internship at a children’s clothing boutique in the Cleveland, Ohio area, I knew that this summer was the time that I needed to go out and find a new and exciting internship opportunity that would further broaden my horizons. Scrolling through the Fisher emails in November, I came across the Fisher Summer Global Internship Program. When I saw London as one of the locations, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and apply. A list of countries offered and a little bit more about the program can be found at

Ohio State offers a Field Study course about doing business in a Global Region for students in this program. I have gotten the chance to meet some of the people that are also going to London for their internship opportunities over the summer, and it is really making the transition easier. The class helps us not only meet people, but also learn everything that we will need to know to be successful at an internship abroad.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of paperwork, Skype interviews, visa applications, and everything else that makes working overseas a reality. Although I did not receive the first internship that I interviewed for, I have learned the very important lesson that everything happens for a reason. A few weeks ago I accepted my internship at On Device Research and I could not be more excited- the job really feels like a perfect fit.


On Device Research specializes in mobile research for emerging markets, and have respondents in areas like Africa, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Brazil. My 8-week internship will be full-on with a wide variety of tasks to give me lots of experience in all areas of content marketing.

My internship starts bright and early tomorrow morning and I am incredibly excited about the summer ahead of me. Of course, I do have fears about spending two months in another country, but I know that the internship will make the risk worth it. I hope to use this experience to grow as a person, to gain real world marketing experience, to gain global experience that will look incredible on a resume, and to give me experiences that I will never forget.

Taken on one of my first days sightseeing in my favorite city on earth!

Check back here as I continue to blog about my experience of a lifetime!