Leadership Development Program @ BFC Financial Corp – Lanae Sauder

BFC Financial Corp Team Picture - that's me in the middle

The Risk Management Leadership Development Program at BFC Financial Corporation was a wonderful learning experience! Anne Chervony and her team helped me understand the functions of risk management in various entities. The Risk Management team helps with companies such as Benihana, Muvico, BlueGreen Corp, and Bank Atlantic so there is a wide spectrum of risk that needs to be mitigated. I flew down to Fort Lauderdale (you pay for your own transportation) and got a rental car when I first got there which was paid for by the company. I went straight to the office for an overview of what was going to go on during the week. Since I graduated Sunday I couldn’t get down there until Monday and Anne worked around that great!

            The week was very well organized. I got to sit with each person on the team (there’s 8) and listen to what they do and how it connects to everyone else’s job and the corporation from claims, to safety officer, to the property side, to business continuity. I was able to sit on a conference call at Bank Atlantic with Anne, Susan and Michelle and listen to them discuss the Executive Lines Policy with brokers which was really neat! I spoke with a man who does Investment Relations and a man who is works in Legal for the Bank and I learned how their job affects risk management and how risk management affects their work. Each day was something different and I learned so much!

            Anne Chervony is a great contact as well. If you do a good job and are a hard worker, she will bend over backwards for you. She is in touch with a lot of brokers if that is the route you wish to take and she has a great network of people to contact about jobs. She is a great business woman with a very kind heart. Everyone in the office was willing and excited to talk about what they do and make you feel welcome.

View from my condo

Everyday they took me out for lunch and on Tuesday Anne took me out for dinner. She also gave me groceries for the week for breakfast and snacks so I didn’t spend hardly any money except for gas and the airfare. The condo was great, right on the beach and it worked well as it is only 20 minutes away from the office. Anne wanted me in the office by 9 every morning and I was usually done by 4 so there was time to relax too.

My vehicle for the week

This is a great program and a great way to get your feet wet in risk management and insurance. It has opened my eyes to new things and routes I can take in my career. After the program, I have been looking in to Master’s Programs for Risk Management and obtaining my insurance license. I recommend taking Bus Fin 640 before doing this as you can relate a lot of what you learned to the program.

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