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fisher-blog-picHello fellow Fisher students. I’m excited to get started blogging for you guys about my summer internship for Ernst and Young in their assurance department in New York City. Before I do get started, it might be helpful if you guys know a little bit about me and how I got my internship. I am a finance and accounting major. I came into Fisher knowing that I wanted to major in finance. All throughout high school, I loved following the stock market, and I knew I wanted to work with money. I added an accounting major during my sophomore year in order to supplement my business education and because I enjoyed Accounting 211.
I was fortunate to meet a lot of companies this year through my Fisher Futures and Honors Cohort programs and was really interested in what Ernst and Young had to say to me. I spoke with them at the fall career fair about pursuing both finance and accounting opportunities within their company. Once I traveled to New York and met the people in that office, I knew that was the best fit for me, so I accepted their offer to intern as an auditor.

Since I accepted my offer, I have been looking forward to tackling the challenge of working for a Big Four accounting firm in New York City. New York is a great place to launch a career, and I am excited about utilizing the business skills that I have learned in my three years at Fisher. I am a little anxious about the high level of work that will be required in a fast-paced environment such as New York, but I am confident that I have prepared myself well for the upcoming challenges and that Ernst and Young will give me all the training I need to succeed.

Finally, if you guys are wondering why I volunteered to blog this summer, I think it will give me the opportunity to continuously reflect on my internship and analyze how my internship experience is going. This will be invaluable when, at the conclusion of my internship, I will hopefully be able to decide whether or not I would like to work full-time for Ernst and Young in New York City.

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  1. Hey Andrew! The Big Apple, how exciting! One of my best friends Kon Katsman is interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers in NYC. He’s an accounting/finance major at Fisher as well. He loves it so far as I’m sure you will too! Best of luck =)

  2. Andy H,

    Loved hearing from you. The kids and I think your picture of Central Park looks fake…it’s amazing to see that park in the middle of the city.
    We miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!
    Aunt Holly, Lauren, Kelly, Tommers, and Brian

  3. Hello!
    I am very glad that you started this blog, because i am very interested about having an internship in Ernst & Young in New York City. I am an intern in Kazakhstan right now, but i study in USA. Next summer i really want to get an internship in E&Y in NYC and work there. I look forward to read your posts.
    Best regards,

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