Tip Tuesday: Interviewing Guide Resource

Written by Undergraduate Career Consultant, Jeremy Cantrill

Interviews can be a daunting process to undertake for an unexperienced interviewee! However, with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to being the best interviewer you can possibly be.

The theme for a confident interviewee is one of preparedness. The overall goal of this article is to prepare you so that you are ready to put your best self forward.

1) This may seem like an intuitive thing, but you need to be familiar with the company and position you are interviewing for. You can research the news for the company on many different news websites, or even just a general google search is a good start. Also, use the company website to your advantage. Research things like their values, quarterly reports, employee interviews, and social media. This can tell you a lot about what the company stands for and company culture.

2) Use the Office of Career Management! There are various coaches and consultants all available for both undergraduate and graduate students to use. Schedule a meeting with us if you have questions or concerns you would like feedback on.

Also, there are many useful handouts and resources to use on our webpage, specifically our Job Search Handouts page.

3) Use other resources available on the web. Websites such as GlassDoor can provide an “insider’s” viewpoint of the firm you are interviewing for. Doing research outside of the company’s official website can give you an idea of the culture and interview style for each company. It is important to remember that individuals may post biased views and opinions on the web, without any review. So, be sure to take the information you read with a grain of salt and seek to gain an overall picture of the company.

4) Use the University system as a whole to network. It can often seem daunting to make connections at a company you otherwise do not have an existing relationship with. OSU has a wonderful resource entitled AlumniFire (osu.alumnifire.com) where you can network with OSU alumni who work at various corporations across the globe. The great thing about AlumniFire is that each person listed has chosen to make themselves available for contact. So, use that resource to reach out to them! Give them emails or calls when appropriate and get your questions answered.

Overall, remember a few key points:

1) A prepared person is a confident person.

2) OSU and the Office of Career Management (OCM) have resources available for you, use them!

3) Reach out, both to us in the OCM and to alumni and other contacts. It doesn’t hurt to put a face to a name!

OCM Staff Spotlight: Audrey Bledsoe

Audrey Bledsoe is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Career Services and Education in the Office of Career Management.  She has held this role for the last four years and even worked in the OCM as a GA during her Master’s work in Higher Education and Student Affairs!  Her favorite part about her work is teaching BA2601 and supervising the Peer Career Coaches – she learns so much from Fisher students!  Outside of the office, Audrey enjoys spending time with family, baking, and playing Euro strategy games.  If Audrey could be anything, she would be a magazine editor, graphic designer, or owner of a Bed & Breakfast.  You might not know that Audrey is a thrill seeker – she has held a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass for 6 straight years because she loves roller coasters.  The bigger, the better!  Audrey’s advice for Fisher undergraduate business students is, “get involved on campus … and do it early!  But don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.  Find one or two things you’re passionate about and dedicate time to those!  Find ways to improve a process, be a leader, or make some sort of impact.  Then, learn to communicate these accomplishments to an employer.”

Tip Tuesday: Handling Early Offers

Written by Undergraduate Career Consultant, Sheri Sheffel

Congratulations! You networked, did your research, and had a superstar interview. You did it! You received an offer and the school year has barely begun….. but now what? Are you sure you want to take it?  Still interested in other companies, but you don’t want to lose this one?  Here are a few pointers to help you down that road!

  • Don’t accept it right away. Make sure you take some time to sleep on it, talk with family and friends, and make sure that it is actually an offer that makes sense to you. Will you be doing work that you enjoy? Is it a company that you respect? Do you align with their mission, vision, and values?
  • Be honest with the company. Talk with your key contact to find out when your decision must be made.  If you feel that isn’t enough time, let them know as soon as possible. If you have upcoming interviews, let the first company know so that they understand why you are asking for an extension.
  • Fisher also gives companies a guideline of November 1st as the baseline for having students make a decision. Talk with your contact about this date and the guideline that is set for them. Remember that this is just a guideline… not a concrete rule.
  • It is okay to let other companies know that you have an offer. This lets them know your timeline and may urge them to give you an offer sooner or let you know that their decision will not be made by your decision day.
  • Don’t know how to word it or what to say?  Review this article in The Muse and/or make an appointment with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management to talk through your situation. We are here to help!

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The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair – THIS WEEK

The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair

September 12-13, 2017 | Ohio Union | 1 -5 pm

September 14, 2017 Interview Day

Join Buckeye Careers for a campus-wide fair, connecting students across all majors, graduate programs and degree levels with employers seeking to recruit for career employment and internships.

Review the student information page to learn more about the event and the employers attending.

Questions about this event? Contact careerfairs@osu.edu