More than One Option

I had a unique opportunity this summer to work for the US government rather than a private company. As a student I did not know the types of jobs that were available in the public sector because public accounting firms and other corporations recruit so heavily at OSU.

I want more students to know about the opportunities to intern for various government agencies for three reasons:

1. It diversifies your experience and knowledge.

Government accounting looks different from normal accounting because you use proprietary and budgetary accounts. Learning this different system of accounting strengthens your overall knowledge of accounting because it forces you to question and affirm what know.

  1. You may discover something you are passionate about.

Government and non-profit accounting has entirely different goals than private sector, which is heavily profit driven. Government agencies also span a variety of interests and locations. Whether it’s the DoD, State Department or the FBI even, there’s a lot to explore and learn.

  1. There can be nobility in public service.

One the biggest takeaways I had from my internship is pride in servicing the US military and seeing my coworkers take pride in the work they do because of this. The vision for your  work has deep roots in the founding of the United States, and you may find satisfaction in contributing.

Overall, if you are interested in the public sector, I would recommend doing research to find an aspect of the government you are interested in. There are so many options out there.

Internship Wrap-up

That’s a wrap!

10 weeks gone by in the blink of an eye. Another summer in the books as I prepare to head back to school for my final year at Ohio State. However, there is something a little different about this time, something more special and exciting than years past. This week, I’ll be traveling to Columbus with an offer into the Future Leaders Program at Unilever. Words truly cannot describe the relieving feeling knowing that I will have a job upon graduating at the company I have come to grow so fond of. 10 weeks of learning and applying have led to this and I am extremely proud of the work that I was able to accomplish this summer with the guidance of my team.

As a wrap-up of this summer, I cannot say enough good things about the internship program at Unilever. They do an excellent job of ensuring that you grow as an individual while broadening your business skills, all the meanwhile having a meaningful project. My particular project was the perfect mix of analytics, social, and creative/innovative work, allowing me to gain more exposure to a wide range of skills. The best part about the internship is that you don’t feel like an intern at all. You are truly treated like a full time employee, my opinions and research were not only listened to, but acted upon. I would HIGHLY recommend applying for this internship for all business majors. If you have any questions or would just like to talk about the program in general, feel free to email me (hennig.9)!

So in the end, if there is a lesson to walk away with here from my experience, it would be to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you at Fisher. Something that I realized this summer is that opportunities multiply as they are seized. One moment, I was in the Office of Career Management getting my resume revised. The next I was interviewing. Then in fact, I initially didn’t get the internship, but was offered weeks later. Then suddenly I was living in the most fast paced city in the world. Finally, I locked down a full time position. I met incredible people, learned new things, experienced new places and got a taste into the corporate world. Let me tell you, it tastes great. I was amazed at how fast things can develop and change, but Fisher provides all we need to not only adapt in this environment, but to excel and lead the way forward for the future of business.

I really hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs this summer, I had a great time writing them for you! I am happy that I was able to share my experiences with you and hope you were all able to take away something that you can use going forward. Thanks for reading! Signing off one final time.

Your Favorite Future Leader,

Austin Hennig

Riding the Bus: Community in Unexpected Places

I did not want to commute and drive for 40 min in rush hour traffic from Akron to Cleveland. Not to mention, I did not want to pay 8 dollars a day to park in a garage and pay for gas.

But I wanted to save money and live at home for the summer. Not to mention, I love my family and friends and wanted to be with them every second I could this summer.

That’s when I found an express bus that goes directly from Akron to downtown Cleveland, making about five stops in the downtown area. DFAS reimburses you for your bus expense which is 40 dollars for a ten ride pass.

It was great. At first all I did was sleep, listen to music and periodically read on the bus, but then you start to see the same people on the bus and at the bus stop. Eventually, people introduce themselves to you as they see you are a new “regular” bus rider.

I n
ever expected to meet people this way, but I began to learn more about these people. Kia has four kids. Liz is a runner. Shirley just started working for DFAS a couple months ago. I liked meeting people from all backgrounds and all ages. It was like having a group of neighbors.

If I had just drove, I would have spent more money, not been able to read or sleep, and not met anyone. I would recommend to anyone to look into public transportation, especially express buses to downtown Cleveland, Columbus and beyond. It can save you money, stress and help you get outside of your comfort zone by meeting people.


“Your Whole Life Ahead of You”

I am working my first internship; finally, I am beginning my career in accounting. I am working on the 29th floor with an ID badge and my life is going in an upward direction. I am twenty years old, and the whole experience is all so exciting and novel. I put on my dress pants and heels and board an express bus from Akron to Downtown Cleveland. It is 6:30 am, but I cannot close my eyes for a second. I spend the entire first bus ride glued to the window, making sure that I would not miss my stop. Once I was Downtown looked at the buildings, the statues and the people. The people walking to work.

Suddenly it hits me. Those words your parents, teachers and other adults always said to you in high school: You have your whole life ahead of you.

Working downtown may be new for me, but others, they have done it for five, ten, maybe even 30 years. I realized how locked into high school I was. How when I thought about my future, all I thought about was college. But then what? I still don’t know.

I don’t share this to overwhelm you, but relax you. My advice is to get a couple career mentors that are in different phases of life. Learn from the people around you. Take a deep breath and be present where you are.


Pitt-sburgh Stop!

My third and final traveling experience had finally arrived. Myself and the 11 other sales interns sat in the Reynolds and Reynolds Penske room and guessed where we would be placed. The destinations this round were Detroit, Baltimore, Hilton Head, Dallas, Pasadena, Saint Louis, San Diego, and Alexandria. I was told I would be traveling to Pittsburgh and Dallas to shadow Matt, an account executive, for the week. Given the distance, I was unsure how the week would work, but I was given a day-by-day schedule to review. My first stop was in Pittsburgh, but we also needed to visit a rooftop in Dallas as Matt oversees dealerships across the country.

I woke up early Monday morning and arrived at the Cincinnati airport before the coffee shop was open. I sat and waited for the first flight of my busy week. At this point I had become accustomed to early mornings in the airport. Monday morning went by in circles; board, fly, land, repeat. Finally, I arrived in Pittsburgh where Matt picked me up. The first thing I noticed about Matt was he was full of energy. He occupied our car ride by asking me about my ambitions and questions I had for him. We soon arrived to our first dealership where I met another Matt who works as a field marketing professional at Reynolds. Little did I know I was about to spend the week with two Matts I would never forget.

We went through our workday in Pittsburgh and prepared for Tuesday where we all three flew to Dallas. I learned that airports are a great place to get to know your co-workers. Despite our favorite sports teams, a Cincinnati Buckeye fan was able to get along with fans who root for Penn State and the Steelers (yikes). We shared stories about how we found Reynolds, and I admired their long-term commitments to the company. Collectively, they had been working at Reynolds and Reynolds for over 30 years.

Throughout our time in Dallas, we bonded over the intense outside heat. It reached 110 degrees one day! Both Matts took me out for Tex-Mex and we spent the entire trip in each other’s company. One thing I’ve noticed about Reynolds employees is they know how to laugh. We joked around with each other throughout the day, and it made my time all the better. As our trip came to a close, it was difficult to say goodbye. But the beauty in today’s world is we are able to connect through LinkedIn and stay in touch. Who knows, maybe one day we will work side-by-side again.


(Above: Pittsburgh, Below: Sky over Dallas)