Maggie Chwalek

Meet this month’s Student Spotlight: Maggie Chwalek, a graduating senior studying finance and pursuing a minor in business analytics.

Throughout her time at Fisher, Maggie has been involved in a plethora of programs and organizations. As part of the Alumni Undergraduate Mentorship Program, she developed a lasting relationship that helped her explore the health care industry. She also participated in the Honors Immersion program, where she researched best practices of conjoint analysis, which broadened her view beyond the finance specialization. She recently presented this research at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

Maggie has spent the past year serving as the president of the Undergraduate Business Council. One of her proudest accomplishments is building a cohesive team, despite the organization undergoing an advisor change. In this role, Maggie developed her communication skills by sharing a vision and turning it into a reality. Small steps and setting goals were the key to this journey.

A major takeaway from Maggie’s four years at Fisher is that a business degree allows anyone to do whatever they want. Thanks to the insights of guest speakers and Fisher’s world-class professors, Maggie learned the importance of building connections and networks as a young professional. She credits Fisher for creating a “safe environment” to fail and learn from mistakes.

Maggie’s favorite Ohio State experience was her Buck-I-SERV service trip to Guatemala (pictured), where she worked with her peers to build additions to three houses. Maggie also met one of her best friends on this trip. In her free time, she enjoys working out, going to football games, spending time with friends and being a foodie (@maggieeeats on Instagram).

Upon graduation, Maggie will start her career in corporate finance at Cardinal Health. She will also serve as a member of the Alumni Board for the Honors Immersion program and hopes to, one day, provide projects for students’ hands-on learning.