Hayden Elliott

Hayden Elliott grew up in Owensboro, a small town in western Kentucky. Throughout high school, he was passionate about theater and travelled frequently as an actor. Upon reaching college application time, Hayden decided he ultimately wanted to go to a big school with a reputable business school in a big city with plenty of culture, pride and energy.

His decision to study finance was rooted in a project he completed as a senior in high school. After a study about Google’s cost savings from switching to solar panels, he and his classmates created a proposal and a pitch, complete with financial projections, recommending his school district to switch to solar energy. The idea was eventually approved by the district. The experience impressed on Hayden the impact and influence that finance can have on strategic decisions.

During his first year at Fisher, Hayden joined eight student organizations — which he admits was, at times, overwhelming. After working with organizations such as Block O, Alpha Kappa Psi, Undergraduate Business Council (UBC), the Climate Reality Project, Fisher Impact Day Planning Committee, and Business Scholars, he found his passion.

Hayden currently serves as the president of UBC, an opportunity for him to make a tangible impact on campus, learn the skills necessary to improve other students’ experiences and be an influential voice in the room. As a member of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, Hayden has built friendships and relationships with many fun and brilliant people with whom he’s had the chance to connect. He also has had a handful of meaningful professional opportunities, through internships with Ameriprise Financial, Independence Bank, Nationwide and Abercrombie.

When reflecting on his underclass experience, Hayden emphasizes the value of getting involved to learn your leadership style and to explore your passions and interests. Once you know what you’re passionate about, stick with opportunities that align. Success is different for everyone; it is worth taking the time to define what that means to you. Likewise, there is no right answer to how to split time between a job, a student organization or other commitments; it is different for each person. College is an opportunity to acquire the tools necessary for success; both the path and destination will be unique for everyone.

If there you feel there is a way that the Fisher experience can grow, Hayden suggests reaching out to him or your UBC representative whose contact information can be found on FisherU. Hayden also strongly encourages students who are eager to improve the student experience to consider applying to the UBC when the application opens next semester. UBC seeks to improve the Fisher experience and is an excellent platform for students to have their voices heard.