Mason Monahan

Meet Mason Monahan, a third-year student majoring in finance with a minor in Spanish, and a 2018 recipient of a Pace Setters Award – the college’s top honor for undergraduate students. Thanks to lessons of hard work from his parents, Mason was motivated to be successful from an early age. He attributes much of his success to his support system of family and mentors. He encourages students at Fisher to find mentors, surround themselves with positive people and to try and emulate those individuals.

Mason is very active on campus through Alpha Kappa Psi (as professional director), Buckeye Capital Investors (as managing director) and Sigma Phi Epsilon (as sound mind chairman). His involvement centers on a desire to give back to contribute to others’ success. Mason prides himself most on giving back on an individual level — he is always willing to receive emails, texts or phone calls from his peers. He wants to encourage students to diversify their experiences to find what they are passionate about, telling them that now is the time to explore and fail. Likening himself to a shark — “If I stop swimming, I will die,” — Mason maximizes his time every day, following a very rigid schedule, which includes waking up and going to bed at the same time each day.

Mason is focused on continuous learning and developing as a professional and as a leader. He recently discovered that one of the best ways to lead is by delegating tasks to others. He credits Fisher for providing students with these types of leadership opportunities through group projects, case studies and an abundance of student organization offerings.

Mason will be spending this upcoming summer with Brown Gibbons Lang as an investment banking analyst. In his free time, he enjoys attending Buckeye wrestling matches, playing the guitar, working out and reading.


Sophia Mullins

Sophia Mullins

Meet Sophia Mullins, a first generation college student graduating May 2017. Sophia hails from Middletown, Ohio and will begin her professional journey as an Investment Banking Analyst with Barclay’s in New York City. Sophia is the first female president of Buckeye Capital Investors the foremost investment student organization at The Ohio State University and led her organization to educate members on the financial markets and how to actively invest and manage a portfolio. In 2015 Sophia completed an unpaid internship to help put food on the tables of hundreds of families through the Broad Street Food Pantry

As a 2017 Pace Setters recipient, Sophia is receiving the The Robert E. Georges Senior Award, which is presented to a graduating senior in recognition of both academic excellence and outstanding leadership. During her senior year, Sophia is part of the inaugural Peer Impact Program, which is a team of upper-class business students who help students plan their Fisher co-curricular experience and meet with students one-on-one during consulting appointments.

Why did Sophia become a Fisher Peer Impact Consultant?

“I wanted to have a key role in helping develop a program focused on giving back to Fisher.”

Come meet with a Peer Impact Consultant in Undergraduate Leadership and Engagement Office to plan your co-curricular Fisher experience.