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Introducing the 2012-13 My Fisher Grad Life SMF student bloggers

We have a group of Fisher SMF students who are blogging this year about their experiences in the program. Be sure to check the blog regularly to get an inside view of what the program is like from the perspective of someone who is in it.


Introducing the 2011-12 Fisher SMF student bloggers

Students writing about their experiences = interesting blogs!

It’s clear by being on Ohio Stat’s campus for even a short amount of time that the students here are passionate about and loyal to Ohio State. I am glad to announce the 2011-12 SMF student bloggers are now blogging.

Continuing the tradition started a couple of years ago, there is a group of Fisher SMF students who will be blogging about their experiences while enrolled as a Fisher SMF student for the upcoming academic year. Be sure to check out the blog regularly to gain a first-person perspective of what it’s like to be at Fisher and at Ohio State.