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Deadlines – one is TODAY and one is coming up

If you plan to apply, be sure you're aware of the deadline!

The application deadlines for the Fisher SMF program are posted here. To recap:

  • International applicants: final deadline is (today) February 15, 2012
  • Domestic applicants: final deadline is June 5, 2012

There is sometimes confusion among applicants with respect to what “international” and “domestic” mean. These terms do NOT necessarily refer to where an applicant is physically located at the time of application. Rather, the terms refer to the applicant’s legal “visa” status. If the applicant needs a student visa to study in the United States, that applicant is an international applicant. An international applicant can be in the U.S. already. For example, if the applicant is in the U.S. on a student visa and is attending a U.S. university and applies to the Fisher SMF program, s/he is an international applicant. All others (e.g. US citizens, US permanent residents) are domestic applicants.

If you plan on applying for autumn 2013, please click here (“Request more information”). We will contact you as soon as the new application is available. We expect the 2013 application to be available no later than August 2012.




Fisher SMF applications for autumn 2012 are now available

The Fisher SMF application for the 2012-2013 academic year is now live and available online.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply early – your chances of earning admission and merit-based financial aid are best at the beginning of the application cycle.

Deadlines for Autumn 2012 are listed below:

DOMESTIC APPLICANTS (U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents)

November 14 – early decision deadline. Complete applications submitted by this date will have an admission decision (admit, deny, wait-list) by December 31.

December 28 – Fellowship/priority funding deadline

June 5* – Final deadline
*Complete applications received after this date may be reviewed on space available basis.



November 14 – early decision deadline

December 28 – Fellowship/priority funding deadline

February 15 – Final deadline


Over the next few months, please check back on this blog. I will post information that may help you as you prepare to submit your application. Enjoy the rest of your summer in the meantime!

Enjoy summer while it lasts!


Just a friendly reminder that SMF applications are due in about a week!

Reminder – next application deadline is January 14

The next SMF application deadline is this Friday, January 14th!

A New Year of Updates Begins!

Welcome back, friends!

A few important dates that you may want to be aware of this month:

  • January 4th- OSU football is in the Sugar Bowl against the Razorbacks.  GO BUCKS!
  • January 11th- SMF webinar at 7 pm.  Registration is open!
  • January 14th- Second SMF Deadline
  • January 18th- SMF Live Info Session at 7:30 PM in Gerlach 210

I wish everyone a fabulous 2011!

Sorry, don’t panic and please be patient!

We have recently been inundated with e-mails from students who are concerned that their materials have not reached our office. Please do NOT panic and be patient.

Our admissions processing unit has received lots of mail from prospective students and are in the process of entering it into the system. It may take a few days (sometimes even as many as 10 days) for your application to be considered complete.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot answer e-mails regarding your application status. You can check your status online through our online application. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please, keep calm and carry on!

Applications are rolling in!

As the first deadline (November 19th) approaches, please be patient with our office as we are getting a significant amount of questions and requests.
A couple notes regarding  the application:

  • Items that are sent to us via surface mail (e.g. transcripts, etc.) are noted as received on the day we receive them and will be considered “on time” if this date meets our application deadline.
  • You can check your application status online by logging into your account. Please do not contact the office to confirm receipt of materials.
  • There is and will be a delay between the time that we receive materials and those materials being recorded as “received” on your status page. The delay can be anywhere from one to ten business days, depending on the time of year. Around application deadlines, expect the delay to be closer to be between five and ten business days.
  • If you submit materials to us (e.g. transcripts, TOEFL scores, etc.) prior to submitting your application, we are unable to confirm receipt of those materials.
  • Please do not send hard copies of items that are already included in the online application.

Best of luck, everyone!

Don’t just stand there…submit your application! The first deadline for submission is Friday, Nov. 19th!