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Fisher Winter Games: 2012


Friday, January 13, 2012 marked the date of the annual Fisher Winter Games where students from all programs competed against each other as well as the staff/faculty team.  Sports for Winter Games this year included  badminton, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball.  The SMF did not win the tournament overall, but managed to clinch an SMF badminton win.  Note, two SMF teams were in the finals!  Fisher Games is one of the most popular events for Fisher graduate students as it features sports, food, and embarrassing faculty members (all in good fun, of course).  I am looking forward to repeat badminton championship next year!

Offices Closed, Celebrate King’s Dream

Hi, everyone.

I want to let everyone know that The Ohio State University (including the Fisher College of Business) will be closed on Monday, January 16th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.   Columbus and Ohio State will  be honoring Dr. King, Jr.’s legacy and I encourage you to do so, too!

Fisher/OSU will re-open on January 17th.

Campus offices closed on Jan. 16, 2012

All Ohio State University campus offices will be closed, including Fisher‘s Graduate Programs Office, on Monday, January 16, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We will reopen on Tuesday, January 17, at 8:00 A.M.

Happy Holidays from Fisher SMF

The holiday season is here and Columbus is being greeted by warm, sunny weather!  Today, Columbus is feeling 62F- very unusual for this time of year. No coats required!

Speaking of this time of year, the office will be closed on December 26th and 27th to celebrate the holiday.

Fisher SMF wishes you and your loved ones a Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Festive Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

You can't feel the 62 degree weather Megan is experiencing, but you can see the clouds and the sunshine. Happy Holidays!

Campus is closed November 24-27

This is a quick reminder that all campus offices will be closed Thursday, November 24 through Sunday, November 27 for Thanksgiving. Offices will re-open on Monday, November 28.

30th Blood Battle: Ohio State vs. M*ch*g@n

I bleed scarlet and you?

Anyone who knows me understands that I take all challenges against the “state-up-north” VERY seriously.  For me, November is not just about turkeys, it’s about beating M*ch*g@n in any and every way.  Many of you know that the greatest rivalry in sports is The Ohio State vs. M*ch*gan Game, but there are other important OSU/UM challenges as well.

This year marks the American Red Cross’ 30th anniversary of the OSU/UM blood battle.  It’s about this time every year that I volunteer myself to get poked and pinned to help my team win the battle and to help the American Red Cross save lives.  If you can donate, I encourage you to sign-up today!  Don’t forget to use the code word “Buckeyes,” and show that winners do bleed scarlet and gray!

*I realize that OSU is currently behind (as of 11/10/11), but I really believe the scarlet and gray will pull through; GO BUCKS!

DEADLINE! “What’s the status of my application?”

We are being weighed down by all of the SMF mail. Get your stuff in by November 14.


“I mailed my transcripts last week, did you get them?”

About two weeks before major deadlines, the Fisher SMF application office becomes inundated with transcripts, GMAT scores, and applications.  SMF staff is working tirelessly to make sure applications are complete for review.

If you have e-mailed us and we have not returned your e-mail, please note that the SMF inbox is steeped with requests about whether or not applications materials have been received.  Additionally, please note that it can take a few weeks for the staff members to update your status.  The best way to keep up with your application is to check your ApplyYourself account (read this blog post for a refresher) and not ask SMF if your items have been received.   If we are busy answering e-mails, who is going to process the applications?

If we receive your materials by November 14, your items will make the deadline.  Anything received after November 14 will be considered under the next deadline.

Last, we have received many requests asking if the admissions committee can review an application without official scores, transcripts, etc.  The SMF program will not review any incomplete applications and will not make decisions based upon scanned and uploaded copies of these items.  In order to satisfy the review requirements all items must be received by us by November 14.

As the deadline is only a little over a week away, we encourage you to finish applying.  Good luck and GO BUCKS!

Fisher Career Management 2010-11 Annual Report Released

The Fisher Office of Career Management recently released its 2010-11 Annual Report (linked at the bottom of this blog post). Fisher SMF students are very busy right now, working on difficult and challenging assignments, interviewing with different companies, etc. I thought this would be a good time to show you the sort of outcomes Fisher students have seen in the past year.

Below are summary comments from Jeff Rice, Executive Director of Career Management at Fisher, on the results from the past year:

Despite a tepid economy still in the throes of recovery, our students were resilient in their job searches and responded proactively to the many opportunities provided to them at Fisher. A few highlights from this report:

  • The percentage of students employed upon graduation, at both undergraduate and graduate student levels, continues to be among the highest among business schools nationally. In this report, you will see an increasing number of undergraduate students participating in our programs, including our nationally award-winning QUIC program. You will also read more about our initiative this past year to focus further on creating exceptional student experiences in career management. The model is a simple one: as more students engage in our programs and services, more of them will achieve success in the job market.
  • Between 2007 and 2008, we saw a 5% drop in the number of companies recruiting at Fisher (nationally, the drop was 25%). However, from 2008 through June 2011 there has been a 30% increase in the number of companies recruiting at Fisher. Among many things, this can be attributed to our focus on best-in-class recruiting venues such as the Fisher Fall Career Fair and Fisher Internship Invitational, and additional corporate development initiatives.
  • The quality and quantity of Fortune 500 and multinational companies recruiting at Fisher College continues to provide our students with amazing opportunities. This robust recruiting portfolio not only adds value to the student experience, it is further inviting those companies who are clearly focused on talent acquisition and job creation into other collaborative opportunities at Fisher. Don’t miss the impressive list of these companies hiring our students in this report.

This positive momentum has certainly carried forward to the 2011-2012 recruiting year. Here are some data points that indicate another banner year for our students:

Between on-campus recruiting, Fisher Fall Career Fair, and the Graduate Recruiting Event, 278 company recruiting visits have been scheduled for Fall Quarter.

  • These recruiting visits have converted into 332 interview schedules; which on average converts to over 3,300 job interviews.
  • While a specific percentage is not yet known, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of students reporting job offers from their internships.
  • And, perhaps the most accurate indication of the recruiting volume to date– recruiters have consumed over 1,000 bottles of water, over 700 cans of soda, and over 75 pots of coffee!

Note that this is the first year of the SMF program and the annual report referenced here covers autumn 2010 through summer 2011 so there are no outcomes associated with the current SMF class – yet. Outcomes from the current class will be included in *next* year’s (2011-12) annual report (likely to be issued in October 2012). For now, check out the annual report to get a sense about what sort of companies are coming to Fisher.

Fisher Career Management 2010-11 Annual Report

It’s just after midnight…

Brutus, dressed for Halloween, poses with yours truly.


Happy Halloween from the Buckeyes!

Application Status: Apply Yourself vs. Buckeyelink

If you have created an application account for the SMF program and have started working on your application, you have been using a system called Apply Yourself (“AY“). This screen shot should look familiar when you log in:

Screen shot of application in progress












Once you submit your application to the SMF program, you will continue to visit AY to review your application checklist – this will tell you whether we have received your transcripts, your test scores, your letters of recommendation or any other application materials that were not submitted with your online application form.

Soon after submitting your application, you will receive an email from The Ohio State University that provides your OSU ID and OSU ID password. This information will be used to log into the Buckeyelink to check your application status as it pertains to a DECISION on your completed application. This site will be updated to indicate whether your application is in review, been approved for admission, been denied, or whether a decision has been deferred until a later date (wait listed):

For Fisher SMF applicants, this application status button on Buckeyelink is not where you go to make sure we have received your application materials. This is where you go to check on the status of your completed application.

To summarize:

Check AY to check the status of your application that has been submitted but not yet complete.

  • In other words, until your application is complete, check AY.

Check Buckeyelink to check the status of your application that has been submitted and is complete.

  • In other words, after your application is complete, check Buckeyelink.


Good luck!

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